The Telecom Transformation Journey

A case of the digital cobbler’s children?

The services offered by telecom companies provide some of the best examples of digital customer engagement. But digital transformation is not just about the externally facing parts of a business. How well are telecom service providers applying the latest developments in technology and communications to transform how they work internally? Industry analyst Freeform Dynamics conducted interviews with two senior managers from this sector, as a part of a global research study. The findings suggest that large telecom companies are subject to many of the same constraints and impediments to progress as other enterprises.

The transformation journeys of large telecommunication companies have seen major shifts in the emphasis of service portfolios over the past 15 years, but the market today is still far from a steady-state. Effective digital transformation on the front-end of the business has been, and continues to be, a matter of survival for even the most established of telecom companies. It’s therefore not surprising to hear lots of positive stories and examples of innovation from which enterprises in other sectors can often learn.

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