The Three Ways to Tackle Agile Operations

DevOps experts share insights for IT organizations starting their Agile Operations journey.

DevOps promises big rewards, but those rewards won’t come without significant work and, in many cases, fundamental change within an IT organization. Traditionally, IT operations teams strived for stable, predictable, consistent practices with expected outcomes. But to take advantage of the promise of DevOps, the command and control culture must be left behind and a new era of experimentation must be embraced. Enter Agile Operations.

Agile Operations will have IT operations working closely with development and, ultimately, enabling the business to deliver apps and services with better quality, faster. It will require collaboration, automation and more to be successful. But it will be worth it.

The ‘Third Way’ is really continuous amplification of creating a culture of safety, experimentation and learning.

— Gene Kim, multiple-award-winning CTO, researcher and author

CA Technologies worked with four DevOps luminaries and thought leaders—Gene Kim, Benjamin Wootton, Steve Thair and Matthew Skelton—to learn their take on today’s Agile Operations imperative. These experts not only provide insights into compelling issues, but they also offer practical guidance to get IT organizations started.

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September 08, 2015

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