The Essentials to Agility Success

Marla Schimke

This edition of Software Confidential is by Marla Schimke, Head of Product Marketing for Agile Central at CA Technologies. Marla is a thought leader who combines a unique blend of technology and marketing experience to identify cutting-edge solutions for emerging customer needs.

Adopt Core Principles.

To deliver customer value faster, organizations must be agile in organizational structure, processes and culture. To get started making your enterprise agile, you will need to take onboard a few foundational principles: cross-functional collaboration; a focus on customer value; iterative delivery; pulling quality forward; limiting work-in-progress; continuous improvement.

Fill Key Roles.

Research has shown that agile teams produce the best results when they are stable and have five to nine members in total, assigned across four essential roles: team members (plan, build and deliver the product); scrum masters (run meetings and remove obstacles to progress); product owners (organize and prioritize tasks); managers (oversee budgets and coordinate teams).

Scale Across the Enterprise.

Scaling agile isn’t just about adding more agile teams. It means integrating agile principles into your organizational structure, company culture, operations and strategic thinking. This requires coordination, a willingness to transform, lots of practice and commitment. The result is a healthier, more flexible organization with improved speed, productivity, time to market and bottom line.

By Marla Schimke | 16 Mar 2018

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