Three Factors That Define Your Digital Identity

Companies needing secure ways to let employees access multiple apps turn to software for a digital ID check.

Boarding a flight and paying with a credit card are among the everyday activities that might require personal identity verification. In person, a photo ID is often sufficient.

Online, however, identity is more difficult to verify. Usernames and passwords are no longer enough, as research shows 80% of confirmed data breaches can be traced back to lost, stolen or weak credentials.

“Identity is no longer just who you are—it’s what you do,” says Naresh Persaud, Senior Director of Product Marketing at CA Technologies.

With people accessing more apps, companies need a foolproof way to give employees access to the services they need to do their jobs. It’s a balancing act between security and convenience. Companies can’t afford to sacrifice either, so they rely on software to perform a digital ID check.

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