Using APIs to Securely Open Up to Opportunity

Carol Alexander

This edition of Software Confidential is by Carol Alexander, Senior Director of Security Product Marketing at CA Technologies. Carol is an established security veteran with roles ranging from systems engineering to product management and product marketing. She currently covers access management, authentication and payment security solutions.

Open Up Securely, with APIs.

The API is a vital tool for companies pursuing software-based business strategies. APIs make it possible to open existing technology investments for reuse in powerful new applications. Most app economy leaders use APIs to capture new revenue opportunities. However, the APIs must be secured appropriately, to ensure that the systems they expose are protected against attack and misuse.

Manage Access to APIs.

Not all threats come from the outside. Many API security breaches occur when the wrong person is in the driver’s seat. Therefore, API publishers should implement identity-centric security, to ensure that the right people in the organization can seamlessly get the right level of access to just the resources they need—and that nobody can interfere with anything they shouldn’t have access to.

Create Secure, Seamless UX.

Customers who use your applications want to access a wide range of functionality, without putting their personal data at risk but they don’t want to go get slowed down by onerous security procedures. To build trust while delivering a flawless customer experience every time, implement flexible API security technology that ramps up when you need it and scales back when you don’t.

By Carol Alexander | 16 Mar 2018

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