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CA TechPartners by Name

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Integrates with: CA Service Desk Manager

Contact: David Ferguson (President), Ph#: (855) 438-5000, Email:

Yurbi provides an out-of-the-box pre-built app for CA Service Desk Manager. By downloading and installing Yurbi Community Edition you can be up and reporting on your CA system within 30 minutes.

8KMiles Software Services

Integrates with: CA SSOCA Identity Manager and CA API Gateway.

Contact: Anand Kumar (VP, Sales), Ph#: (708) 289-5111, Email:

Provides Enterprises, SMBs, SaaS, Social Networks, entities that would want an on-premise, cloud or hybrid IAM/IDM solutions with CA SSO, CA Identity Manager and CA API Gateway.

A10 Networks

Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Dennis Oshiba (Sr Director, Engineering),

Ph#: (408) 325-8673,

A10 Networks is a network and storage device manufacturer that provides authentication using CA SSO’s federated partnerships on its devices using the SAML standard.

Access Solutions, Inc.

Integrates with: CA Top Secret

Contact: Joe Denison (President), 816-781-8334,

Access Solutions, Inc. helps CA-Top Secret® z/OS customers get the most value from their TSS implementation using proven, high-tech real-world solutions such as TSSadmin Express™.

Actian Corporation

Integrates with: CA PPM

Contact: Greg Moerbe (Sales Director), 512-231-6629,

Actian Corporation has an established integration of its Actial DataConnect with CA Clarity PPM - On-Prem and On-Demand environments.

Actiance, Inc.

Integrates with: CA SSO, CA Data Protection

Contact: Barry Ruditsky (SVP, Bus Dev), 978-828-3305,

Actiance is a leader in communication, collaboration, and social media governance for the enterprise and integrates with CA Data Protection and CA SSO to support joint customers.

Advanced Software Products Group, Inc.

Integrates with: CA IDMS

Contact: Cathryn Thompson (President/CEO), 239-649-1548,

MegaCryption IDMS, a comprehensive and cost-effective solution, provides robust yet flexible options for encrypting at both the record and element level, including encrypting IDMS Non-SQL data in either Data Mode or Record Mode.

Affigent LLC

Integrates with: CA Privileged Access Manager

Contact: Trent Hassett (Director), 763-567-1757,

Affigent is a turnkey solutions provider that uses CA Privileged Access Manager to build services and solutions for their federal customers.

AGE Software Inc.

Integrates with: CA PPM

Contact: Paul Samarel (President), 212-501-8503,

Time tracking is often painful, pushed-off until the end of the week, and sometimes inaccurate. WaYWo makes time-tracking mobile, always live, and interactive. Adding WaYWo to CA PPM will improve compliance, reliability, and end-user satisfaction.


Integrates with: CA IT Asset Manager, CA Service Desk Manager

Contact: Thomas Watson (President & CEO), 206-297-7618,

AMI’s complete solution for CA IT Asset Manager and CA Service Desk Manager provides the barcode/RFID data capture hardware and software, process design, asset tags, user training and reporting tools required to maintain these systems with accurate hardware data.

Ancile Solutions

Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: David States (Manager, Software Engineering), 410-719-1825,

Through the CA Single Sign-On SAML-based integration, identification and access management services can be efficiently implemented and managed enabling the deployment of policies spanning the use and orchestration across the ANCILE product solutions.

Apperian, Inc.

Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Cimarron Buser (SVP, Global Bus Dev), 617-477-8740 x403,

Apperian provides authentication of the “Enterprise App Store”, and any app via app-wrapping policies. This integration caters to CA SSO customers who are developing in-house mobile apps, and want the ability to securely authenticate, secure, manage and distribute apps.

Aras Corporation

Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Jennifer Moore (Director), 978-691-8960,

The combined functionality of Aras Innovator and CA SSO would allow for a secure environment for connecting to Aras Innovator through the SSO suite. This will allow Aras Corp to test and create installation/configuration instructions to allow customer to run both applications problem-free.

Aspire Technical Professionals, LLC

Integrates with: CA Unified Infrastructure Management

Contact: Pamela Jones (CEO), 904-631-3569,

Aspire Technical Professionals is an IT Consulting Services company that develops UIM probes.


Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Chris Campbell (President), 310-450-2566,

AssetSmart software solution has multiple layers of security built into the architecture. It utilizes CA SSO solution for secure single sign-on to automatically authenticate ID and Passwords for mutual customers.

Attachmate (Acquired by MicroFocus)

Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Ed Munoz (Sr Product Manager), 206-217-7439,

Attachmate’s patented secure token authorization technology adds a layer of LDAP access control in front of your host applications. When integrated with CA SSO, users are able to access Reflection for the Web using their CA SSO identity.

AuthScope, Inc.

Integrates with: CA API Gateway

Contact: Wayne Delisser (CEO), 949-212-4429,

AuthScope has developed integration for Authscope Authority and Scope Catalog with CA API Gateway based upon requests from several potential AuthScope customers to provide step by step tested integration guides. Rich policy based routing based on attributes and meta data.

Automic Software, Inc. (Acquired by CA Technologies)

Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Kaj Wierda (Sr. Director Product Management),


Validation of Automic Software with CA SSO based upon customer request who use CA SSO. Automic has been acquired by CA Technologies.

Axiomatics AB

Integrates with: CA SSOCA API Gateway

Contact: Gerry Gebel (Vice President, Business Development), Ph#: +1 (312) 374-3443,

The Axiomatics CA API Gateway integration greatly enhances the service with fine-grained dynamic authorization. Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) brings context-awareness to authorization decisions enforcing regulatory requirements and business policies. 

Axiomatics Extension for CA SSO brings externalized dynamic authorization to Single Sign-On environments, enabling fine-grained access control for sharing business-critical data in web applications. Extension for CA SSO r12.5 is CA Validated.


Integrates with: CA SSO, CA ACF2, CA Top Secret

Contact: Robert Wallace (Purchasing Manager), 480-627-1259,

Axway API Gateway can be deployed as a unified federation gateway enabling SAML-based SSO access to any combination of cloud-based services, traditional B2B services and/or on-premise applications.

B.O.S. Software Services und Vertrieb GmbH

Integrates with: CA IDMS/DB, CA Datacom/DB

Contact: Elisabeth Schwarz (General Manager),

+49 89 46 19 93 30,

B.O.S. Software Services enable customers to easily share data from DATACOM/DB and IDMS DB across the enterprise in real-time. There is no need to migrate non-relational data to a relational DBMS.


Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Anshuman Singh (Product Manager), Ph#: (408) 342-5600,

As part of Identity Access and Management (IAM) functions, the Barracuda Web Application Firewall integrates with CA SSO, greatly benefiting organizations as they are relieved from having to deploy web agents on all web servers.

Bay Dynamics, Inc.

Integrates with: CA Identity Manager, CA Identity Governance, CA Privileged Access Manager Server Control

Contact: Joe Quigg (Vice President Sales), 703-628-3981,

Bay Dynamics Risk Fabric Platform assembles and correlates relevant user data from CA Identity Manager, CA Identity Governance and CA Privileged Access Manager Server Control to provide actionable insights into cybersecurity blind spots. Ltd.

Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Zeev Glozman (CEO), +972-54-423-0370, integrates with CA SSO to provide a joint customers with services related to strong authentication based on PKI.

bigtincan mobile pty ltd

Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Anthony Turco (CTO & EVP Products), +61 402 343 516,

bigitncan’s SAML SSO option enables the ability to integrate CA SSO to mobile devices.

BiTE interactive, Inc.

Integrates with: CA API Developer Portal, CA Mobile API Gateway, CA Live API Creator, CA Mobile App Services

Contact: Joseph Farrell (Chief Product Officer), 310-935-1581 x119,

BiTE is a consulting services company builds mobile solutions to integrate CA API Management products with mobile devices.

BlackLine Systems, Inc

Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Amy Winter (Partner Channel Manager), 404-254-0319,

BlackLine is a comprehensive Finance Controls and Automation platform.

BlainWorks, LLC

Integrates with: CA API Developer Portal, CA Mobile API Gateway, CA Live API Creator

Contact: Ryan Blain (Managing Director), 404-859-7889,

Increased customer adoption and retention of APIM. Ability to extend core APIM product functionality through creation of custom assertions, API Gateway policy, and partnering with CA to test/market a standalone product that integrates with existing APIM products.

Blue Coat Systems

Integrates with: CA SSO, CA Identity Manager

Contact: John Tennant, 408-541-3503,

The integration between CA and Blue Coat allows existing CA Single Sign-On and/or CA Identity Manager SaaS customers the ability to easily deploy Blue Coat ProxySG devices into their network without having to change how users authenticate.

Bomgar Corporation

Integrates with: CA IT Service Desk Manager

Contact: Mike Sell (Director of Strategic Alliances), 770-407-1820,

IT organizations using CA Service Desk Manager can integrate Bomgar to improve service levels, centralize support processes and strengthen compliance.

Boston Technology Corporation

Integrates with: CA Mobile API Gateway

Contact: McKinley Hackett (VP, Bus Dev), 781-544-4799,

Boston based digital health technology services integrates with CA Mobile API Gateway to provide for secure patient experience and engagement, medical and clinical research.

BroadSoft, Inc.

Integrates with: CA APM

Contact: Sam Hoffpauir (VP Engineering), 240-364-5280,

Broadsoft integrates with CA APM to provide support to ATT by consistent monitoring for Java applications in the ATT network.


Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Rob Polito (Director of Business Development),

cr360 is a specialist provider of EHS and Sustainability management software. Their solutions help companies all over the world to accurately capture, manage, analyze and report their environmental, safety, supplier and social data in one single system.

Canam Software Labs, Inc.

Integrates with: CA Gen Suite

Contact: Peter Prager (Director-Sales), 416-671-3681,

Canam Software Labs, Inc. develops integrations around the CA Gen product suite.

Cloud Elements Inc.

Integrates with: CA Unified Infrastructure Management

Contact: Duane Tharp (VP Technical Services), 603-957-0146,

Cloud Elements was built to simplify cloud application integrations and enable application developers to deliver “Cooperative Apps” using a "One-to-Many" approach. Integrating UIM with their platform for a joint customer need.


Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: John Alexander (Sr Product Manager),

Ph#: (925) 247-4589,

CloudPassage’s Halo integrates with CA SSO to provide users a single authentication in order to authorize access to different enterprise applications in a secure environment.


Integrates with: CA Gen

Contact: Eric Ten Harkel (Director), +31 71 331623,

COOLProfs specializes in building mission-critical systems to measure leveraging CA Gen and OutSystems.

Corporate Software Services, Inc.

Integrates with: CA Unified Infrastructure Management

Contact: Andy Cartledge (COO), +44 7590 210945,

Corporate Software Services, Inc. (CSS) is a leading software technology partner and consultancy organization. They deliver hosted business and service management solutions for infrastructure, application and asset management on a global scale and will be developing probes for CA UIM Marketplace.


Integrates with: CA ACF2, CA Top Secret, CA Endevor Software Change Manager

Contact: George Faucher (President), 239-514-3331 x401,

CorreLog zDefender™ for z/OS intercepts ACF2 and Top Secret data and in real time converts the event messages to standard Syslog format for distributed SIEM systems. CorreLog zDefender™ for z/OS alerts customers in real-time when breach attempts occur on the mainframe.

Cryptzone North America, Inc.

Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Christopher Kearns (Global IT Director), 857-327-9313,

Cryptzone NA is a software provider of governance, compliance and security solutions. Their Compliance Sheriff product is compatible with CA SSO solution so that customers can run the Compliance Sheriff software using the same SSO system they use for all other applications on their network.

Cyveillance (acquired by LookingGlass)

Integrates with: CA Risk Authentication, CA Strong Authentication

Contact: Scott Kaine (President),

Cyveillance provides enterprise customers and partners with a wide range of online threat monitoring solutions. Integrates with CA Risk Authentication and CA Strong Authentication and provides actionable intelligence to organizations to respond to and prepare for threats to their infrastructure.

CA TechPartners by Name

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