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CA TechPartners by Name

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Daon, Inc.

Integrates with: CA Single Sign-On

Partner: IdentityX® Platform

Contact Name: Nick Hallas, Contact Phone Number: 703-984-4009,

Daon is an innovator in developing and deploying biometric authentication and identity assurance solutions worldwide. Daon’s IdentityX® platform authenticates people using biometrics such as their face, voice, palm and fingerprint and boasts millions of users around the world.

Datacastle Corporation

Integrates with: CA SSO

Datacastle protects enterprises from mobile data loss and data breach with simplified and scalable endpoint backup and data protection. Datacastle RED product provides secure and auditable access to enterprise data on critical devices, anytime, anywhere.

DataLog Finance

Integrates with: CA SSO

CashPooler, the first full Web payment platform, centralizes all of a company’s financial transactions, so intra-group transfers can be rationalized, controlled and secured.

Deven Software LLC

Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Nick Perdikis (CEO), 301-979-9085,

Devensoft’s flagship acquisition tracking and post-merger integration software platform helps deliver greater value from every deal. It integrates with CA SSO for enabling SSO authentications for its users.

DINO-Software Corporation

Integrates with: CA 1 Tape Management, CA Disk Backup and Restore

Contact: Rosalie Buck (VP, Global Sales and BD),


Dino-Software’s T-REX and VELOCI-Raptor, are strategically integrated with CA 1 Tape Management and CA Disk Backup and Restore software solutions. This solution provides the best of breed technologies in the areas of ICF catalog management and I/O Tuning.

Do IT Wise

Integrates with: CA Application Performance Management, CA Spectrum, CA Unified Infrastructure Management

Contact: Nikolay Patrikov (Head of Product), +1 (347) 329-5420,

Do IT Wise is a leading company in the integrations area with the integration platform called Do IT Wise Integration Hub. It is allowing connecting the CA products to other vendor solutions like Micro Focus Ops Bridge, ServiceNow, Cherwell, BMC Remedy and many, many more…

E. Crane Computing

Integrates with: CA Harvest Software Change Manager

Contact: Phil Wallingford (CEO), 603-226-4041,

E. Crane Computing provides out of the box capability for Harvest to develop and maintainin PowerBuilder applications.

eBRP Solutions Network

Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Sibel Misirlisoy (Global Operations Manager), 905-677-0404,

eBRP product suite moves traditional BCM from a simple compliance structure to a vital role in Incident Response & Management creating a viable & sustainable BCM program. It integrates with CA SSO for enabling SSO authentications for its users.


Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Chaks Chigurupati (Head Architecture), Ph#: NA,

Elastica CloudSOC authenticates users using the CA SSO services to provide transaction level security for cloud based apps and services combining data science, machine learning and real-time traffic processing.

EMS Software LLC

Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: PG Bartlett (VP Product), 303-850-2672,

EMS Software provides room and meeting scheduling software to large organizations in higher education, professional services, financial services, technology, health care, and energy. It integrates with CA SSO to ensure its compatibility.


Integrates with: CA Test Data Manager

Contact: Wouter Du Preez (COO), 678-872-0059,

Enable CA TDM to leverage SAP specific data definition encapsulated in DSM. Purpose will be integration of DSM and CA TDM and to explore OEM opportunities and explore accurate SAP test automation.


Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Greg Ponto (Security Architect), 909-793-2853 x3645,

Esri is an international supplier of Geographic Information System software, web GIS and geodatabase management applications. It integrates with CA SSO for enabling SSO authentication for its users.

Evolven Software, Inc.

Integrates with: CA Application Performance Management, CA Spectrum, CA Unified Infrastructure Management

Contact: Gad Cohen (COO), 1 (866) 447-2526,

Evolven Change Analytics uses patented machine learning to track and analyze all changes carried out in hybrid cloud environments.

The integrated solution correlates the changes collected by Evolven with CA performance data, providing customers with the actual root cause for troubleshooting and preventing incidents before the trouble starts.

F5 Networks

Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Craig Hovey (Sr Program Manager, BD),

Ph#: (206) 272-7576,

F5’s FirePass controller, a SSL VPN appliance, provides secure application access from any web-enabled device authenticating users against a CA SSO server on internal network.

Fair Isaac Corporation

Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Mark Eastwood (Sr. Director, Professional Services),


FICO Model Central software will rom application-specific credentials to supporting a trusted authentication mechanism via CA SSO.

Fiserv, Inc.

Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Jan Stoichev (Software Development Manager), 678-237-3195,

Fiserv, Inc. is a leading global technology provider serving the financial services industry, driving innovation in payments, processing services, risk and compliance, customer and channel management. The integration allows Fiserv's clients to use both FraudGuard and CA SSO together.


Integrates with: CA Test Data Manager

Contact: Anne Rozinat, +31-62-436-4201,

Fluxicon specializes in process mining where transaction data from IT systems is analyzed to discover and visualize the actual business processes. CA TDM monitors traffic or data patterns and then use Fluxicon Disco to explore and investigate how the systems currently work.

Gigamon LLC

Integrates with: CA Application Delivery Analysis

Contact: Anoop Kartha (Technical Marketing Engineer),


CA ADA continually measures and analyzes performance, compares the response time against the baselines and alerts when performance deteriorates. Utilizing GigaVUE Fabric Nodes application monitoring devices can do the job intended without becoming a point of failure.

GitHub, Inc.

Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Ryan Day (VP Business Development), 415-735-4488,

GitHub has grown into the world's largest software development collaboration platform. Over eight million people use GitHub to build amazing things together. The integration will add CA SSO support to the GitHub Enterprise product to support customers using them together.

GT Software

Integrates with: CA IDMS, CA Datacom

Contact: Chris Garner, (VP of R&D), 404-253-1300 x117,

This enables the integration of CA IDMS and CA Datacom into a service oriented architecture using GT Software’s Ivory solution which helps extend SOA participation to mainframe assets, including online transactions, business logic and data.

CA TechPartners by Name

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