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Hearsay Social

Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Ron Piovesan (VP Strategic Alliances), 415-200-6523,

Hearsay Social is a SaaS social media marketing management platform. The service operates by using social networking services such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter as a way for clients to market to various customer bases. It integrates with CA SSO for enabling SSO authentication for its users.


Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Thyaga Vasudevan (VP, Product Management),


Hightail is a cloud service that lets users send, receive, digitally sign and synchronize files. CA SSO authenticates its users It can be used via the web, desktop client, mobile devices, or from within business applications with a Hightail plugin.

Hitachi ID Systems

Integrates with: CA ACF2, CA Top Secret

Contact: Jim Lautner, 403-233-0740,

Mainframe Connector interfaces with both CA ACF2 and CA Top Secret to provide the ability to update the information in the ACF2 and Top Secret databases with the requisite password or userid changes.

HostBridge Technologies

Integrates with: CA Datacom, CA IDMS

Contact: Ferrel Johnson (Business Development Manager),


Organizations that rely on CA ADS for CA IDMS, CA Gener/OL, CA Ideal for CA Datacom and CA-Telon can use standards-based HostBridge to integrate any mainframe asset with any distributed application, Web application, enterprise information system, WOA, SOA, or cloud.

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd

Integrates with: CA Unified Infrastructure Management

Contact: Guangping Ou (Manager), +86-28-62845066,

Huawei is a global leader in building telecommunications networks, providing consulting services and manufacturing communications devices for the consumer market.  They have developed CA UIM storage probes with their OceanStor product and ensure compatibility for a large customer.

Hyland Software, Inc.

Integrates with: CA SSO, CA Directory

Contact: Lynn Westfall (Information Systems Procurement Administrator),


OnBase is a single enterprise information platform for managing content, processes and cases. This integration will allow OnBase customers to start using CA Directory instead of a competing product and SSO functionality with OnBase through CA Directory will provide customers the best experience.

HYPR Corp.

Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Vijay Ramaiah (VP of Product Management), +1 (732) 207-9307,

HYPR decentralized authentication solution greatly reduces the risk of a data breach for the enterprise while providing an enhanced user experience for consumers and employees. HYPR decentralized solution provides for easy integration with CA Single Sign-On to accelerate time to implement and deploy the HYPR decentralized authentication solution.

HyTrust Inc.

Integrates with: CA Privileged Access Manager Server Control, CA Strong Authentication

Contact: John Skinner (VP of Business Development), 650-681-8140,

HyTrust specializes in security, compliance and control software for virtualization of IT infrastructure. It integrates with CA Privileged Access Manager and CA Strong Authentication to bring accountability, control and compliance for users with convenient, two-factor authentication.

IdentityLogix, LLC

Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Michael Hrobat (VP, Sales and Marketing), 219-379-5560 x201,

SpyLogix for CA SSO helps save time, money and resources for organizations supporting CA SSO by monitoring, organizing and leveraging its security policies, performance and event data in real-time.

IDF Connect

Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Richard Sand (President), Ph#: +1 (888) 765-1611,

IDF Connect offers expert services for CA SSO that help enterprises and other large organizations leverage the full capabilities of CA SSO & CA Identity Manager for web Identity and Access Management (IAM).


Integrates with : CA ACF2CA Top Secret

Contact: Michael Koziel (Managing Director), 888-687-0436,

The IDMWORKS IdentityForge CA ACF2 and CA Top Secret connectors provides a standard and seamless interface between your application or identity infrastructure and the ACF2 and Top Secret Security Manager.

ImageWare Systems, Inc.

Integrates with: CA SSOCA Identity Manager

Contact: Robert Brown (VP of Sales and BD), 858-673-8600,

ImageWare’s GoCloudID servers are integrated directly to customer application servers using SAML or SCIM interfaces so they’re tied directly in line with CA SSO solution. 

Imaginatik plc

Integrates with: CA Project and Portfolio Management

Contact: Daniel Friedman (VP, Client Development), 617-960-4711,

The CA PPM-Imaginatik joint solution provides a turnkey product/project innovation solution – from front-end ideation through back-end execution. Which is valuable for the following company profiles: CINO, CTO, CMO, Product Development, Research & Development.

Imperva, Inc.

Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Ziv Lachish (Sr Technical Alliance Program Manager),

Imperva provides a cyber-security solution focused on data centers. Imperva SecureSphere offers discovery, protection and compliance of data for the enterprise customer. This integration is to test Interoperability between Imperva SecureSphere and CA SSO.

Information Builders, Inc.

Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Thomas Willett (Manager & Web Administration), 212-736-4433,

WebFOCUS allows users to access information securely from anywhere using preexisting SSO capabilities and it offers security integration for both third-party and custom systems, including seamless integration with CA SSO. 

Information Engineering Technology (IET)

Integrates with: CA Gen Suite

Contact: Darius Panahy (Director), +44 1225 863060,

IET is a UK based company that specializes in the development of software tools for users of the CA Gen platform. xTrace for CA Gen, VerifIEr and PathvIEw quality assurance and testing solutions for CA Gen, and GuardIEn life cycle, change and model management solutions for CA Gen.

Innominds Software, Inc.

Integrates with: CA Data Protection, CA Identity Manager, CA Unified Infrastructure Managment

Contact: Divakar Tantravahi (CEO), 408-307-6291,

Innominds is a trusted innovation acceleration partner focused on designing, developing and delivering technology solutions for specialized practices in Big Data & Analytics, Connected Devices and Security. Innominds has developed integrations for CA Data Protection, CA Identityminder and UIM.

INNOVATION Data Processing

Integrates with: CA TLMS Tape Management, CA Tape Encryption, CA MIM Resource Sharing

Contact: Thomas J Meehan (VP), 973-890-7300,

INNOVATION Data Processing is a provider in enterprise storage management and validated their FDR, FATS and IAM family of product integrations with CA Tape Management solutions for Mainframe.

InterDigital Communications, Inc.

Integrates with: CA API Gateway, CA Mobile API Gateway

Contact: Mika Ra (VP of Business Development), 214-364-7639,

InterDigital, Inc. designs and develops advanced technologies that enable and enhance mobile communications and capabilities including a range of innovations that are used in wireless products and networks.

International Software Products dba ISP

Integrates with: CA IDMS, CA Log Analyzer, CA MICS Resource Management

Contact: John Abell (President), 416-593-5578 x224,

ISP joined the program to take advantage of the validations provisioned for members of the program.

Ipswitch, Inc.

Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: CTom Genova (VP of Sales), 781-676-5800,

Ipswitch's MOVEit DMZ is a secure managed file transfer server that lets companies manage and govern the exchange of large, sensitive data files, meet SLAs and reduce risk. It integrates with CA Siteminder for security and compliance.


Integrates with: CA Application Performance Management, CA Application Delivery Analysis

Contact: John Delfeld (Director of Bus Dev), 512-600-5406,

IXIA provides testing, visibility and security solutions, across physical and virtual networks for enterprises and governments, service providers and network equipment manufacturers. It integrates its Net Tool Optimizer with CA NetQoS Super Agent to increase its solution offerings.

Kelverion Automation Limited

Integrates with: CA IT Service Desk Manager

Contact: David Wooster (Director), 779-563-8086,

Kelverion offers IT process automation and infrastructure management solutions. It has built a connector for MS System Center's Orchestrator with CA Service Desk Manager.

Key Source International, Inc.

Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: APhil Bruno (CEO), 510-562-5000 x13,

EzBio Strong Authentication for CA SSO allows clients to add strong authentication to CA SSO with biometric fingerprint technology.

Kinvey, Inc

Integrates with: CA IT Service Desk Manager

Contact: Aaron Thompson (VP of Bus Dev),

Kinvey is a SaaS solution offering 3rd party data integrations, multi-platform support, push notifications, and custom business logic on a platform to reduce dramatically the time and cost of bringing mobile apps to market. It integrates to CA SSO for validation of the solution.

Kovair Software, Inc.

Integrates with: CA Project and Portfolio Management

Contact: Amit Dasgupta (Director, Product Solutions),

Kovair Omnibus adapter for CA PPM allows integration with multi-vendor best-of-breed tools such as TFS, ClearQuest, Quality Center, and JIRA. By integrating CA PPM with these tools, organizations can get better visibility into its portfolio of IT projects, applications, and opportunities.


Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Fred Federlein (Sr. Product Manager), 978-947-3009,

Kronos is a leading provider of workforce management and human capital management cloud solutions. It will build an integration with CA SSO for their workforce management suite (Workforce Central Suite).

CA TechPartners by Name

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