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CA TechPartners by Name

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Lieberman Software Corporation

Integrates with: CA IT Service Desk Manager

Contact: Jane Grafton (Director of Marketing), 310-300-3533,

RPM’s integration with CA Service Desk Manager provides customers with the assurance that privileged account usage will be documented in the trouble ticket process, while also blocking unauthorized access to privileged credentials to prevent privileged account abuse.

Luminex Software

Integrates with: CA 1 Tape Management, CA MIM Resource Sharing

Contact: Scott James (VP, Global Alliances), 951-781-4100,

Mainframe customers who need to convert from physical, to virtual tape can use CA 1, Dyanam/T and EPIC transparently, without application changes. Value contributing to improve mainframe tape operations, including batch, HSM, archiving, backup and recovery. 


Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Vallinayagam Nallaperumal (Sr Director, Technology), Ph#: (650) 687-5804,


MetricStream is a leading provider of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions for modern digital enterprises. Their GRC solutions integrate with CA SSO using SAML standard to provide common customers a quick ROI on their security investments also enabling continuous monitoring of their infrastructure risks.


Integrates with: CA Workload Automation

Contact: Thomas Incorvia (VP, Product Licensing), Ph#: (512) 340-1336,


The CA Workload Automation Agent for Micro Focus provides an interface that enables automation and control of COBOL and JCL Micro Focus jobs. It allows for execution, monitoring and control of batch workloads that are migrated to the Micro Focus Enterprise. It contributes to the success of mainframe application migration efforts.

Microgen Aptitude

Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Martin Redington (SVP, Delivery & Product), Ph#: +44 20 7496 8100,


Aptitude Software, a Migrogen, Plc., company provides financial software solutions to integrate accounting engines. Their financial solutions authenticate user access with an integration to CA SSO, enabling common customers greater control of the financial apps and resources.


Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Terry Berman (Sr. Program Manager), Ph#: (703) 744-6060,


MicroStrategy Analytics platform integrates with CA SSO to enable authentication of enterprise users to access their analytics platform. MicroStrategy provides out-of-the box integration with CA SSO to help our common customers with a seamless experience in securing and using the applications.

MSC Software

Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Leo Kilfoy (GM, ELM BU), Ph#: (714) 444-5142, Email:

MSC Software develops simulation software technology that enables engineers to validate and optimize their designs using virtual prototypes. MSC SimManager’s integration with CA SSO provides engineering organizations ability to authorize and secure access to critical simulations, designs, prototypes and blueprints.

MVS Solutions

Integrates with: CA Workload Automation

Contact: Brad Morse (President), Ph#: (720) 376-9217, Email:

The HTTP_Gateway probe developed by MorseCode for CA Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM) provides immediate value by enhancing event detection capabilities with management and automation of UIM. The probe can be used in several ways to expand the range of information collected by UIM to publish Alarm and Quality of Service (QoS) messages onto the UIM message bus.


Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Reef D’Souza (Product Manager), Ph#: NA, Email:

MyAppSecurity integrates its threatmodeler software with CA SSO on SAML standards to ensure security and protection to software, right from the software development to implementation phase eliminating the possibilities of fraud. This enables our common customers to host secure software applications.

Nastel Technologies

Integrates with: CA SYSVIEW®

Contact: Scott Lincoln (Director, WW Channels), Ph#: (508) 969-4440,


Nastel’s AutoPilot® establishes a bi-directional exchange of data between CA SYSVIEW® and itself. AutoPilot® generated events, alerts and metrics appear in the CA SYSVIEW® dashboard enabling corrective actions to meet the desired SLAs and regulatory compliance requirements for applications such as payments, healthcare, trading, settlement, etc.


Integrates with: CA Application Performance Management (APM)

Contact: Gerald Labie (CEO), Ph#: (802) 295-8708, Email:

CA APM segregates web page response times and other performance metrics using the information provided by NeoLoad. Since NeoLoad and CA APM organize all requests executed during a load test in the same way, the QA or performance testing engineer can easily find slow or failed transactions with CA APM and then analyze the root causes of the problems.


Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: David Lovell (Director of Software Engineering), Ph#: (404) 495-7220,


Nexidia’s Interaction Analytics platform provides indexing and search services of unstructured audio, video and text content enabling our customers to be competitive, increase efficiencies and create new business opportunities. This platform authenticates using CA SSO solution.

Numerify, Inc.

Integrates with: CA Agile Central SaaS, CA Application Performance Management, and CA Project & Portfolio Management (CA PPM)

Contact: Robert Davis (Contact Title), Ph#: (408) 822-9611, Email:

The System Intelligence for IT

Numerify's analytics solutions enable data-driven IT managers to optimize their operational performance. Our analytics suite that is deeply integrated with the CA product suite goes beyond reporting to deliver intelligence for service, operations, and development. The cloud-based applications integrate data across these systems and adjacent sources such as call center, HR, and financial software. IT managers use these insights to drive innovation, improve service, strengthen application health, and deliver projects on time within budget.


Integrates with: CA Privileged Access Manager Server Control

Contact: Avi Weiss (COO), Ph#: +972-545-333170, Email:

The CA Privileged Identity Manager integration with ObserveIT Enterprise extends control over access attempts by privileged accounts to the servers in your organization.

OpenMake Software

Integrates with: CA Release Automation and CA Harvest Software Change Manager

Contact: Tracy Ragan (COO & Founder), Ph#: (505) 424-6440,


OpenMake Software’s Meister integrates with CA Release Automation and CA Harvest Software Change Manager to enable seamless continuous delivery processes including infrastructure and database updates, server configuration management, calendaring, roll-forward, rollback, security access and component packaging.

OpsHub Inc.

Integrates with: CA Agile Central, CA PPM and CA Service Desk (SDM)

Contact: Sandeep Jain, Ph#: +1 650 701 1800, Email:

OpsHub Integration Manager integrates CA products with 3rd party ALM, DevOps, ITSM & CRM systems. The integrated ecosystem, with CA at the center of it, enables better decision-making and helps deliver great products and services by making necessary data available to users, in their preferred system, in real time.

Optica Technologies

Integrates with: CA Dynam/T Tape Manager – VSE/M, CA EPIC Tape Management and CA 1 Tape Management

Contact: Michael Dailey (COO & VP, Sales), Ph#: (720) 214-2800,


The migration from physical tape or aged virtual tape to zVT is made with no impact to the mainframe or CA Dynam /T.


Integrates with: CA Application Performance Management (APM) and CA Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM)

Contact: Larry Cameron (Director of Alliances), Ph#: (804) 794-3142,


Oracle integrates its Cloud Apps and Services with the CA APM and CA UIM solutions to manage the application and infrastructure SLAs including response times, user experience, etc.


Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Bryan Owen (Cyber Security Manager), Ph#: (510) 347-2630,


OSIsoft’s PI System integrates with CA SSO to help secure access to enterprise resources and platforms enabling the organization and its users to ensure timely delivery of their outputs in a process centric enterprise.

Ostia Software Solutions

Integrates with: CA Test Data Manager and CA Agile Requirements Designer

Contact: Gerard Clinton (COO & Director), Ph#: +353 (1) 2768040,


Ostia Software Solutions’ Portus (Message Gateway Server) integrates with CA Test Data Manager to generate XML, JSON, and RR pairs.

CA TechPartners by Name

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