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Integrates with: CA Unified Infrastructure Management (UIM)

Contact: Dan Birck (Principal Solutions Engineer), Ph#: (650) 430-2913,


With CA UIM providing robust proactive alerting across all of your data center and cloud infrastructure, PagerDuty extends this power by helping to automatically find the right person to resolve those issues detected by UIM. It also helps to reduce MTTR for the IT Operations team.

Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC)

Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Sandy Smith (Director Partner Strategy), Ph#: (781) 370-6038,


Numerous PTC customers use third party products, CA SSO being an authentication tool helps our mutual customers to handle authentication within the broader scope of an enterprise SSO solution.


Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: David Kircheis (Product Manager), Ph#: (617) 866-6890,


Pegasystems’ Pega 7 Platform integrates with CA SSO on the SAML standards to ensure authentication of their App Development platform to secure applications and their documentations.

Perfecto Mobile

Integrates with: CA Application Test

Contact: Shani Shoham (Senior Director, BD), Ph#: (650) 862-6101,


Perfecto’s integration with CA powers the reuse of CA Application Test generated scripts for functional and user experience testing across a wide range of real devices connected locally or over a private cloud, accessible from anywhere. Parallel automated execution lets customers reduce labor costs, improve time-to-market and expand coverage to include more scenarios.


Integrates with: CA Product Name: Layer 7

Contact: Manmohan Datt , Director, Ph#: 416-400-9416, 


Our expertise lies in using Layer 7 for exposing, securing and managing backend applications, network systems or infrastructure via APIs. Our Services include:

  • Application Management Services
  • Security & Identity management
  • Monitoring & Reporting
  • Proxy Services
  • Access Management
  • Training on the products
  • Mobile API Management
  • OAuth Acceleration Services
  • Admin & Production Support

Pivotal Software

Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Nima Badiey (Head of BD), Ph#: (415) 806-6565, Email:

The CA SSO service provides an all-in-one solution for securing access to applications and APIs on Pivotal Cloud Foundry by supporting native authentication, federated SSO and authorization.


Integrates with: CA ACF2 and CA Top Secret Security

Contact: Joe Sturonas (CTO), Ph#: (414) 289-9788, Email:

With an integrated solution, SecureZIP for z/OS also supports CA ACF2 and CA Top Secret as an X.509 certificate store through the SAF interface. Also, integration allows CA ACF2 and CA Top Secret to be the certificate store of choice on z/OS, and potentially, throughout the enterprise. Therefore, customers only have to support a single repository for X.509 certificates on z/OS, either CA ACF2 or CA Top Secret; and, as a result CA ACF2 and CA Top Secret take on more responsibility for data security within the enterprise.

Pulse Secure

Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Mark Wilcox (Sr. Director of NA Sales), Ph#: (844) 807-8573,


Connect Secure supports the CA SSO authentication and authorization server. The joint solution provides a seamless access to all backend applications and servers protected by CA SSO authentication.


Integrates with: CA Agile Central (Formerly Rally)

Contact: NA, Ph#: 1-844-798-4386, Email:

Extend the value of CA Agile Central with qTest, the complete software testing platform for teams practicing Agile and DevOps. qTest provides modern test management, exploratory testing solutions, and powerful business intelligence all integrated in to CA Agile Central in real-time. With qTest, your development teams will confidently be able to track test coverage for all user stories and defects so they can release with a faster time to market.

QA Technologies

Integrates with: CA Gen

Contact: Rollie Stephens (VP & Co-Founder), Ph#: (402) 391-9200,


QAT ReFactor is a plug-in for CA Gen that provides sophisticated Action Diagram view substitution between unlike Entities, Work Sets and their Attributes. QAT Publisher is a CA Gen Plug-in that enables Gen to publish information to multiple different formats, including PDF, PDF Forms, HTML, Word, RTF, Excel, CSV, and Crystal Reports (RPT). Agility BPM℠ offers a simple and efficient way to establish, operate, manage, and monitor business processes in a web environment or as a Windows desktop application.

Quantitative Software Management

Integrates with: CA Project & Portfolio Management (PPM)

Contact: Lawrence Putnam Jr (Co-CEO), Ph#: (703) 790-0055, Email:

Technical and marketing support for an integrated solution combining QSM's top-down resource demand management with CA PPM's producCA t and portfolio management. CA PPM customers need a source of credible resource demand estimates in order to get the benefits of the management and analytics capabilities of CA PPM. Our joint solution provides those needed inputs to CA PPM.


Integrates with: CA Privileged Access Manager Server Control and CA Service Desk Manager

Contact: John Schimelpfenig (Technical Alliance Manager), Ph#: (617) 960-0663,


Privileged accounts are created in CA Privileged Identity Manager that are associated with a specific asset or group of assets. It also integrates with CA Service Desk Manager to create issue and then process them automatically in the system for assignment and response.

Radiant Logic

Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Eric Ross (Director, BD), Ph#: (415) 798-5661, Email:

RadiantOne VDS integrates with CA SSO to provide single account identities for each user, establish & maintain correlation with disparate users, identity information availability in real-time, flexible & reusable IdM infrastructure.


Integrates with: CA Agile Requirements Designer

Contact: Mark Peinhopf (Partner Management), Ph#: +43 316 28 13 28,


The Ranorex test automation framework enables testing of desktop, web and mobile applications. The powerful UI object recognition, strong technology support and flexible tools make it the ideal choice for virtually any team and development environment. 

This integration provides an automation layer for creating automated tests right out of CA Agile Requirements Designer.

Red Hat

Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Michael Zitomer (Director of ISV Partners), Ph#: (617) 233-1147,


Red Hat uses CA SSO to authenticate users in their enterprise linux environment and JBOSS middleware applications.

Resolve Systems

Integrates with: CA Service Desk Manager and CA Spectrum (Performance Manager)

Contact: Kishen Mistry (Manager BD), Phone#: (949) 485-6625,


Resolve is a software product from Resolve Systems targeted at accelerated resolution of incidents such as those logged in Ticketing Systems such as CA Service Desk Manager or Event Management Systems such as CA Spectrum.

Responsive Systems

Integrates with: CA Mainframe Chorus, CA Detector, CA Plan Analyzer, CA Subsystem Analyzer

Contact: Joel Goldstein (President), Ph#: (732) 972-1261, Email:

Responsive Systems is a DB2 Management company and integrates their Buffer Pool Tool (R) for DB2 with CA Mainframe Chorus, CA Mainframe Chorus Software Manager and CA Mainframe DB2 products.

RSA Security

Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Scott Atchue (Sr. Manager, Partner Engineering), Ph#: (781) 515-6272,


RSA Security's integration of RSA Authentication Manager and RSA Adaptive Authentication products with CA SSO provides enterprises with the option to use RSA SecurID two-factor authentication when their users attempt to access SiteMinder-protected resources.

RSM Partners

Integrates with: CA ACF2

Contact: Andrew Downie (Director), Ph#: +44 7810 642732, Email:

zDetect is a SIEM compatible z/OS mainframe security threat monitoring tool. Unique in its ability to detect actual and potential security threats. Using advanced behavioural algorithms, applying intelligent analysis, detecting suspicious events in real time – passing those on to the SIEM.

enterpriseConnector integrates the mainframe with enterprise solutions. An example is Identity Access Management, where enterprise solutions from the likes of Oracle & RSA rarely understand or support the intricacies of mainframe security policies. enterpriseConnector solves these integration challenges.

Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) offers a fast, secure and reliable way for users to reset their own ACF2 passwords, removing the expense of them having to contact a central helpdesk or security administration team. Very easy RoI justification.

Breakglass provides temporary emergency access control in a fully secured and audited manner. Different user groups can request temporary additional security permissions in order to complete a specific task.

SailPoint Technologies

Integrates with: CA ACF2 and CA Top Secret Security

Contact: Dave Hildebrand (VP of Engineering), Ph#: (512) 346-2000,


The specific use case requires SailPoint to develop a connector that administers the onboarding and off boarding of user access to ACF2 and Top Secret. The connector will allow for the following actions – create, read, update and delete along with change password of accounts on those target systems.


Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Pat Herbert (Director, Data Management), Ph#: (919) 531-7618,


SAS software integrates with CA SSO to help companies in every industry transform their data into predictive insights about company performance, customers, markets, risks and helps solve complex business problems.

Savision B.V.

Integrates with: CA Application Performance Management

Contact: Matthew Carr (Business Development Manager), EMEA: +31-20-2170-791, North America: +1-972-739-6042 Email:

“Make IT easy- Control your IT Ops Data”

Savision iQ brings your complex IT systems into focus by providing a smart layer on top of your existing IT management systems. No matter the number, source, or type, iQ centralizes, unifies, and ranks all your IT data, providing you with enterprise-wide, search-based access from a single pane of glass.


Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Peter-Paul Houtman (Director of R&D), Ph#: +31 (0) 20 2010 500,


SDL Tridion ushers in next generation web content management by integrating a suite of ROI focused online marketing tools. SDL Tridion integrates with CA SSO to enable enterprise customers to use their CA SSO environment to sign in (log into) the SDL Tridion product.


Integrates with: CA Service Desk Manager

Contact: Mac Guinn (Sales Support), Ph#: 408-643-0002, Email:

Luma is an intelligent Virtual Agent built for IT Service Management. Luma integrates seamlessly with CA Service Desk Manager without altering your current implementation. Serviceaide’s virtual agent technology provides customers with a natural language conversational approach to support.

Siemens PLM

Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Troy Banitt (Program Manager), Ph#: (651) 855-4825, Email:

Siemens PLM ‘s Teamcenter product suite that comprises of Teamcenter Community and Teamcenter Architecture products integrates with CA SSO for its internal development requirements to authorize and authenticate users of the Product Lifecycle Management. This integration provides and enhanced and unparalleled authentication solution for Siemens PLM.


Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Gary Hartman (Partner Account Manager), Ph#: NA: ,


Skillsoft integrates with CA SSO to ensure and provide our mutual customer users the ability to upgrade their skills based on their roles and eventually build a stronger, talented workforce.

SmartBear Software

Integrates with: CA API Developer Portal

Contact: Lorinda Brandon (Director, API Partner Development), Ph#: (508) 254-6154,


SmartBear’s new partnership with CA Technologies allows you to access the CA API Developer Portal from within Ready! API so you can leverage the power of both platforms.

SmartStream Technologies

Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Brad Lunsford (VP, IT), Ph#: (212) 763-6519,


SmartStream provides enterprise-wide, real-time Transaction Lifecycle Management (TLM) solutions. The integration of their products suite with CA SSO enables their users and secures their data with authorization of the user requirements to the required tools and services.


Integrates with: CA APM

Contact: Brad Johnson (VP, Product Marketing & BD), Ph#: (650) 396-8102,


SOASTA CloudTest has integrated CA APM’s detailed monitoring metrics into its analytics that enables root-cause analysis, making it possible to detect application performance issues. SOASTA CloudTest generates an accurate simulation of traffic hitting a web application, capturing and analyzing key performance metrics while the test is running.

Software Diversified Services

Integrates with: CA ACF2CA Top Secret

Contact: Josh Lampi (Director), Ph#: 763-571-9000, Email:

VitalSigns SIEM Agent™ for z/OS (VSA) integrates with CA ACF2 and CA Top Secret to acquire security event messages, then delivers critical data to any enterprise SIEM. VSA alerts in real time when a data breach is attempted, facilitating compliance with security mandates. Since 1982, SDS has combined quality mainframe software and expert support for unsurpassed value.


Integrates with: CA Digital Experience Insights, CA Operational Intelligence

Contact: Bob Johnson


StreamWeaver offers a systematic, automated approach to distributing valuable operations data, including event, metric, topology, and log information, from all domains and all clouds to the applications and teams best positioned to achieve desired business outcomes. Liberate data from application, network, storage, database, cloud and other siloed IT operations domains for use in AIOps, advanced IT analytics, decision support, and visualization tools via a simple, scalable, resilient, and easy-to-configure platform, reducing integration time from months to minutes. 


Integrates with: CA OpenVMS Management Products (CA Job Management for OpenVMS, CA Performance Management for OpenVMS, CA Console Management for OpenVMS and CA System Watchdog for OpenVMS)

Contact: Jean-Paul Bergmans (CEO), Ph#: +41 22 794 1070,



Integrates with: CA APM

Contact: John Higgins (CEO), Ph#: (650) 489-5667, Email:

StrongLoop’s API Connect and Node.js application integrates with CA APM to report on the application metrics enabling the CA APM console to provide a view on the results or status.


Integrates with: CA UIM

Contact: Dorothy Stockburger (Release and Customer Manager), Ph#: (613) 729-1100 x235,


Superna’s probes for CA UIM leverage VCE Vision and VMware vCenterTM software to provide a single integration point for VCE Vblock management. The integration offers visualization of all Vblock ™ components and virtual machines with real-time health status, alarm aggregation and component alarm tagging.

Sword Active Risk

Integrates with: CA SSO

Contact: Keith Ricketts (VP, Marketing), Ph#: +44 (0) 789 460 8435,


Sword Active Risk’s Active Risk Management (ARM) solution integrates with CA SSO to authenticate users of different enterprise application and capture the risks associated with the use and behavior patterns.


Integrates with: CA Datacom and CA IDMS

Contact: John Arty (VP, Mainframe Development), Ph#: (201) 930-8247,


Syncsort’s tools provide CA IDMS operations personnel the easy, safe and fastest route to 24-hour availability along with reliable recoveries and total transparency for the end users.

CA TechPartners by Name

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