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In the Modern Software Factory, your customers are ready to compete.

Enabling Your Customers to Win

Hear from Otto Berkes, CA Executive Vice President and CTO, about why your customers need a Modern Software Factory to drive innovation, differentiation and competitive advantage in the digital world.

Enabling Your Customers to Win: Hear from Otto Berkes, CA EVP and Chief Technology Officer








Blueprint for Success

As our partner, we can help you drive more strategic opportunities by engaging your customers based on business outcomes.  Learn about the Modern Software Factory blueprint so you can deliver the experiences customers want.








The Modern Software Factory

Find out how the Modern Software Factory’s principles of agility, automation, insights and security can drive competitive advantage for your customers.

Business Outcomes

  • Agility

  • Automation

  • Security

  • Insights


Create an agile business.

A modern software factory is agile, built to change and adapt, to whatever happens in the market.  Learn more with these Quick Reference Guides.


Build better apps faster.

Automation is essential, the key to continuously developing, testing and delivering app experiences end-users will love. Learn more with these Quick Reference Guides.


Make security a competitive advantage.

Strong security is built into apps from the beginning, protecting the business’s most valuable assets and gaining users trust. Learn more with these Quick Reference Guides.


Maximize application performance.

Software can be designed to give a constant stream of feedback that smart analytics can turn into insights, to make sure the experiences companies deliver keep getting better. Learn more with these Quick Reference Guides.

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Sharpen your skills with training and enablement.

For MSPs

MSP resources to addressing the digital business transformation imperative.


Deliver best-in-class, comprehensive IT-related services and solutions in the enterprise to drive business outcomes.

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