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Agile Planning & Delivery

From agile planning and delivery to business transformation.

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Wherever you are in your agile journey, we’re here to help.


If you or your organization are new to agile, start here. Uncover the benefits of agile methodologies and the differences between them while unlocking a modern business mindset.


Are you interesting in adopting an agile framework like SAFe® or LeSS? Learn how to expand agile beyond a few teams, and change the way those teams operate and work together.


Agility is its best when it is running across the entire organization. Find out how agile can enable the steering, speed and opportunity needed to truly transform into a modern, digital business.

Do you know why your work matters?

Knowing where you are in your agile journey is irrelevant if you don’t know the purpose of the quest. Organizations must establish a centralized and driving purpose to deliver what their customers really want. Unifying around a central vision helps teams unite around core values, and around a set of objectives that can deliver the best business and customer outcomes. Agile is just a means to an end for getting you there. Ready to learn more about your purpose and how agile can help you achieve it?

How savvy is your agile team or organization?

Agile adoption and maturity often come in stages or cycles. You discover, learn, scale and then transform as your teams become better and better at agile practices and at understanding the ceremonies and systems that make agile work. But not all organizations understand how to advance to the next stage or break their behavioral or work-style cycles.

Take this simple agile assessment to understand how your organization may be struggling, how to overcome agile adoption challenges, why educating leadership matters, and how to utilize agile practices at the speed and scale that is right for your teams.

What is agile planning and why do it?

Has your organization failed to realize the benefits of agile? Could it be that your teams are struggling with building efficient and realistic agile plans? Agile planning is the process of determining how your agile teams are going to deliver value. And it is also here that organizations set their vision or context for the value that is to be delivered. The planning process determines the “why” or the purpose of the work as well as the “who”, “what”, “when” and “how”. Who is going to work on the agile teams? What are those teams going to build? When will it be built? How are they going to get it done? And the big one, “why” are we doing this work in the first place. By answering these questions during your planning process, you increase team engagement. And your organization can get more accurate forecasts that increase customer value and decrease operational risks.

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Take the next step in your agile journey.

Explore CA Agility Solutions and evolve your business into one that innovates, adapts and transforms.

Rally Software®
(formerly CA Agile Central)

An enterprise SaaS platform that can empower teams for increased business agility.

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CA Agility Services

Drive business agility with CA Technologies agile experts. Our agile transformation consulting helps guide organizational change, and our coaching helps you apply agile practices to your organization.

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CA Agile Management

Redefine how work is planned, executed and serviced to deliver more value, more rapidly.

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Achieve your business goals at startup speed.

Rally (formerly CA Agile Central) is an enterprise-class platform that’s purpose-built for scaling agile development practices. You’ll provide a hub for teams to collaboratively plan, prioritize and track work on a synchronized cadence. Connect your development work to your company’s most important business initiatives. Measure productivity, predictability, quality and responsiveness with real-time performance metrics.

Why Rally

We have had tremendous success rolling out our agile transformation initiative. We have 74 teams engaged in agile development, we have shipped 56 new product releases with zero defects in the past eight quarters, while achieving 45 percent reduction in defect backlog, and 44 percent reduction in incoming support backlog.

Desikan Madhavanur, SVP of IT Orchestration, CA Technologies

People, process and tools all had to change, and all needed support. It was a big challenge, but we knew the results would be worth it.

Henry Noble, Agile Transformation Program Director, Vantiv

We chose [Rally] for its portfolio-level management capabilities. No other solution could link strategy to execution across 12 teams, with rolled up visibility of multiple programs.

Simon Berg, Agile Program Manager, IPTV Engineering, Swisscom

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