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Scaling Agile with Rally Software®

Connect teams, increase collaboration and maximize productivity by expanding agile practices beyond a few development teams.

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How do you scale across an organization?

From increased collaboration, communication, productivity, speed, efficiency and quality—scaling agile across your teams maximizes opportunities and customer value. To scale agile successfully, you need to make a critical change—from just doing agile to becoming agile across multiple, cross-functional teams. Watch the video to see how we bring our teams together through a key agile-scaling exercise called Big Room Planning.

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What are agile frameworks?

Scaling agile across the enterprise can be challenging. But, with a proper agile framework, it doesn’t have to be. Think of agile frameworks as a blueprint for how agile can be adopted and rolled out across your organization. Each framework provides a set of organizational and procedural parameters that help your teams get organized and move down the agile path more smoothly. Some of the most popular agile frameworks are SAFe, DAD, and LeSS.

Discover how to scale strategy and execution.

The modern CIO faces many challenges to help create a truly agile company, especially if only a few teams within your organization have mastered agile. In order to become a more collaborative, customer-centric enterprise, you must tie execution to business strategy and develop plans for scaling.

Scale SAFe with Rally

Did you know that Rally Software a proven partner and solutions provider for the Scaled Agile Framework? Whether you’re currently working with SAFe or looking to get started, we can help you succeed.

What is SAFe®?

The Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) empowers all levels of the enterprise (teams, programs, large solutions and portfolios) engaged in solution development across an organization to achieve the benefits of agile software and systems development at scale.

A game changer for scaling Agile.

All businesses benefit from the advantages of agile approaches. But with agile engagement, adoption, and scaling also comes a need for governance and management. The latest IDC MarketScape explains how the integration of Clarity PPM and Rally Software can help solve these challenges in the Agile PPM space.

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