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SAFe and CA

Empower your enterprise with the experts from CA and Scaled Agile Inc.

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Scale SAFe with CA Technologies

Did you know that CA Technologies is a proven partner and solutions provider for the Scaled Agile Framework? And, we can support your transformation with expert SPCTs, SPCs, agile coaches and agile trainers. Whether you’re currently working with SAFe or looking to get started, we can help you succeed.

Agile Management solutions from CA Technologies—including the agile transformation services and Rally Software® (formerly CA Agile Central)—give you the tools and coaching you need to harness the power of scaled agile and connect strategy to delivery, ship value faster and accelerate innovation, so you can win in the digital economy.

With hundreds of Agile Release Train launches and SAFe implementations, we know how to meet you where you are and take you where you want to go.

What is SAFe®?

The Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) empowers all levels of the enterprise (teams, programs, large solutions and portfolios) engaged in solution development across an organization to achieve the benefits of agile software and systems development at scale.

The result is greater alignment and visibility across the organization, connecting the business strategy to execution, enabling better business results, faster and with a higher degree of predictability and quality.

Learn more about how CA Technologies supports the SAFe framework HERE.

Are you ready to scale with CA?

Find the tips, tricks, tools and services you need to scale with CA and the Scaled Agile Framework.

Rally Software®
(formerly CA Agile Central)

An enterprise SaaS platform that can empower teams for increased business agility.

Explore Rally >

CA Agility Services

Drive business agility with CA Technologies agile experts. Our agile transformation consulting helps guide organizational change and our coaching helps you apply agile practices to your organization.

Explore CA Agility Services >

CA Agile Academy

Discover a full catalog of Scaled Agile, Inc.’s courses for individuals, small groups and organizations.

Explore CA Agile Academy >

SAFe and CA Resource Center

For more about how CA supports SAFe 4.5, check out our webinar series featuring noted agilists from both CA and SAI.

SAFe Success Stories

TeamQuest Boosts Customer Satisfaction Using Rally and SAFe

The company decided to migrate the entire engineering department to the SAFe methodology and brought in CA Technologies agile coaches to help.

Read the rest of the story HERE.

Biopharmaceutical Services Company Successfully Scales Agile with CA Technologies and the Scaled Agile Framework

By partnering with CA Technologies, this company was able to adopt agile at scale, enabling it to maximize business agility, improve productivity and better meet customer needs.

See how they did it HERE.

QSR International Does the Research on Agile and SAFe Training

To continue pushing the limits of software in the qualitative research industry, QSR International needed a more responsive, adaptable approach. They chose SAFe and CA.

Explore their success story HERE.

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