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In-Sprint, Agile Testing

Automatically generate test cases, test automation scripts and test data for all functionalities being delivered in every sprint.

In-Sprint Testing: Enabling Testing at the Speed of Agile

Traditional testing does not work well for agile. It’s not suited for the speed or the number of changes required to attain Continuous Testing and Delivery.

There’s a better way. Call it Agile Testing. CA Technologies enables you to do In-sprint, Agile Testing, which frees you up from slow, manual and inefficient user story and test case design processes. Using model-based testing approaches to Agile Testing, you can model requirements (e.g. Epics, Features and User Stories) as an active flowchart. You can also automatically create test cases and generate test automation scripts right from your requirements, and build a library of reusable test assets that are fully connected to your existing pipeline orchestration engine to continuously test your applications at all levels – boosting testing speed and efficiencies. 

Only 69% of functionality is delivered

Source: Bloor Research on Automated Testing

30% reduction in test cycles

Source: Bloor Research on Automated Testing

Testing at the Speed of Agile with CA Agile Requirements Designer

Agile Testing entails different testing components, working together seamlessly. This video shows you how key concepts like requirements flowchart modeling, test case design, test automation script generation, test coverage, and reusable test assets – work together to fast-track testing at the speed of agile. 

Model-Based Testing: Your Key to Better Software

A model-based testing approach addresses the key challenges that developers and testers face as they try to create higher quality software, quicker. These challenges include: ambiguous requirements, limited test coverage, long wait times for test data, unavailability of system components and lack of automation.  

Read how model-based testing can help enable your agile testing teams to work in parallel in order to achieve rigorous testing, even as requirements change.

Overcoming the Top Five Misconceptions About Model-Based Testing

Model-based testing approaches are proven to help testers and deliver better software, faster. Still, many organizations have yet to realize its full potential in transforming testing–at the speed of agile.

Find out about the top five misconceptions of model-based testing, and see how CA Agile Requirements Designer helps teams deliver fully tested software faster than ever before.

How to Speed Requirements and Test Design Using Filters

One of the barriers to In-sprint Testing or Agile Testing adoption is not having reusable test assets that testers can leverage on-demand. Without a library of reusable test assets, testers are forced to reinvent the testing wheel every time. This takes a lot more time and effort.

Learn how to can test functionality more rapidly by using filters to query a library of reusable test components. Specifically, see how to use filters to query models, paths generated and stored, and other useful navigation and selection utility.

How to Optimize Test Cases in CA Agile Central

Are you a CA Agile Central user who wishes that you can easily convert your user stories into clear and active flowcharts?

This video shows you how you can import your existing user stories from CA Agile Central into CA Agile Requirement Designer, and then convert those user stories into unambiguous and active flowcharts.

Lastly you’ll learn how to export them back to CA Agile Central as optimized user stories, which can be allocated to story boards and backlogs in CA Agile Central teams, allowing testers to rigorously test software within a sprint.

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