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Accelerate Mobile and IoT Development

CA API Management connects the Internet of Things through secure and powerful APIs.

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APIs are the building blocks of IoT.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is built on APIs. That mobile device in your pocket—or more likely in your hand—is now a powerful hub for connecting to an ever-growing volume of networked technologies through APIs.

These technologies are generating enormous amounts of data on a real-time basis: both data about the device itself and about human-to-device and device-to-device interactions.

IoT data creates insights that take many forms: everything from retail transactions to traffic patterns, geolocation, infrastructure performance and even health parameters. APIs are the connecting threads that allow this data to flow through and create value in an IoT ecosystem.

More data means more opportunities than ever before: for mobile consumers, businesses, governments and the connected world at large. To prepare for this future, it’s critical to invest in APIs.

Across industries, enterprises are leveraging their API infrastructures to scale for IoT.

APIs connect the physical, digital and social worlds to allow businesses to participate in a new global economy built on IoT.

But while IoT opportunities are created by connected technologies and APIs, not all APIs are created equal. To unlock the value of IoT, data must be open and accessible to trusted third parties—and secured against others. And developers must be enabled to quickly build and deploy powerful mobile apps that use IoT data to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

An IoT strategy built on secure, governable APIs and integrated with mobile investments offers the path to success.

You don’t have to walk this path alone. CA API Management serves as a trusted enabler for IoT in:

CA API Management provides solutions that secure and connect smart cities of the future.

Eventually, innovations in these industries will converge with investments from the public sector to create smart cities built on APIs.

Alongside a number of partners, CA Technologies delivers solutions that power opportunities in IoT and help to build the smart cities of tomorrow.

CA API Management delivers enterprise-grade security and flexible integration from API to IoT.

Build five-star, IoT-ready mobile apps.

Ready-to-go infrastructure and mobile SDKs simplify the development of complex, feature-rich apps. Quickly integrate apps with connected devices to enable seamless, cross-platform mobile experiences.

Simplify access to data with APIs.

Quickly create mobile-friendly REST APIs and microservices for Web, mobile and IoT with just a point-and-click. Build from multiple data sources while managing access, developers, apps and privileges.

Integrate IoT investments across the enterprise.

Integrate systems, adapt services and orchestrate data with secure, scalable APIs. MQTT Connection Manager from CA Mobile API Gateway simplifies the management and configuration of MQTT, a highly-scalable, low bandwidth IoT messaging transport protocol.

Develop agile architectures that scale for IoT.

Mobile SDKs and REST APIs provide developers with pre-built backend services to get apps to market faster. And microservice architectures deliver the flexibility to scale and deploy as the business grows—all managed within a centralized, configurable microgateway.

Secure apps, users and devices.

Mobile security built into the app fabric enables flexible controls for establishing trust between client and server. Advanced risk-based and biometric authentication solutions built into CA Mobile API Gateway deliver more secure and frictionless mobile security experiences.

Enable developers for IoT success.

Unlock the value of IoT data with robust analytics, monetization and developer enablement features. Fuel collaboration and build a developer ecosystem to manage and optimize APIs across the enterprise.

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