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API Management and Microservices

Transform your application architecture with full lifecycle API management and microservices.

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The industry’s most robust API and microservice portfolio brings startup agility to every enterprise.

APIs and microservices are the key building blocks for digital platforms that connect apps, developers and data, deliver better customer experiences and transform entire business models.

The CA API Management and Microservices portfolio allows you to create, secure, deliver and manage the full lifecycle of APIs and microservices at tremendous scale, bringing startup agility to any enterprise and ensuring that yours is positioned to capitalize on new opportunities with a modern application architecture.

The keys to digital transformation and a better digital experience are right here.


Design and create APIs in minutes.

  • API Academy

  • Low-Code APIs

  • Data Integration

API Academy

API Academy

Access resources, workshops and consulting services from our experts on API strategy, design and architecture to ensure your projects are successful.

Low-Code APIs

Low-Code APIs

Build enterprise-grade APIs and microservices with a point-and-click interface and declarative business logic.

Data Integration

Data Integration

Break down silos and integrate data from diverse sources and formats to create enterprise-class APIs that can be extended with business logic.


Connect everything and govern at scale.

  • Transformation

  • Orchestration

  • Governance



Adapt and modernize existing systems with high-performance translation from most legacy protocols to REST and JSON for cloud, mobile and IoT apps.



Orchestrate and optimize application traffic to APIs and microservices across any combination of multiple cloud or on-premises environments.



Enforce consistent management, security and compliance policies across the enterprise by protecting corporate data assets from app to API.


Enable self-service API and developer management.

  • API Publishing

  • API Discovery

  • API Consumption

API Publishing

API Publishing

Securely publish APIs while applying powerful policy templates to enforce rules or SLAs at runtime and manage API consumer relationships, all in one place.

API Discovery

API Discovery

Maximize API adoption with customizable portals for each developer organization, providing access to defined API groups in a developer-friendly API catalog.

API Consumption

API Consumption

Easy discovery of APIs and a seamless registration process helps users quickly get started, along with automated documentation, code generation and interactive testing tools.


Build app architectures for speed, scale and safety.

  • Microservices in Minutes

  • Secure Microservices Platform

  • Traffic Management and Optimization

Microservices in Minutes

Microservices in Minutes

Decompose monoliths into independently developed and deployed microservices incorporating data, business logic and enterprise-class APIs—in minutes rather than months.

Secure Microservices Platform

Secure Microservices Platform

Build a consistent and secure microservice infrastructure with microgateways that provide last-mile SSL/TLS, threat protection and OAuth-based access control.

Traffic Management and Optimization

Traffic Management and Optimization

Reduce API chatter with caching, orchestrate traffic and perform complex patterns like circuit breakers easily.


Protect your business with full-stack omni-channel security.

  • Threat Protection

  • Authentication

  • Proven and Certified

Threat Protection

Threat Protection

Extend protection against OWASP vulnerabilities and other threats consistently across the entire stack, from individual microservices to the latest mobile and IoT devices.



Balance user convenience and security with advanced features including enterprise-grade single sign-on (SSO), biometrics and risk-based authentication across mobile, Web and cloud.

Proven and Certified

Proven and Certified

Trusted by the world’s most demanding organizations, from military and government agencies to Fortune 500 banks and retailers. 


Gain powerful insights with a complete view of performance.

  • Analytics

  • Custom Reporting

  • Precision Monitoring



Out-of-the-box dashboards and reports provide detailed insights into the performance of APIs, apps and developers.

Custom Reporting

Custom Reporting

Build custom, sharable reports and dashboards or integrate our analytics API into your preferred BI tool for a 360-degree view of your digital business.

Precision Monitoring

Precision Monitoring

Improve traffic management and triage with precision monitoring and transaction tracing of your entire app architecture down to individual backend services.


Control and automate with DevOps integration for mission-critical APIs.

  • Federated Deployment

  • High Availability

  • Auto Scaling

Federated Deployment

Federated Deployment

Easily manage how APIs are published between environments or use our deployment API to seamlessly integrate with your automated CI/CD pipeline.

High Availability

High Availability

All portfolio components are purpose-built for enterprise scale and easily cluster to provide highly reliable and scalable infrastructure.

Auto Scaling

Auto Scaling

Burst to the cloud for the most intense peak loads such as Black Friday, entertainment or sports events, without incurring excess infrastructure costs during regular traffic.


Accelerate mobile and IoT development.

  • Mobile Security

  • Powerful SDKs

  • IoT Infrastructure

Mobile Security

Mobile Security

Ensure consistent security and governance across all apps by providing mobile developers with a centralized platform for threat protection and authentication.

Powerful SDKs

Powerful SDKs

Standards-based open SDKs and APIs connect securely to app infrastructure, reducing implementation time and allowing developers to focus on the user experience.

IoT Infrastructure

IoT Infrastructure

Support for MQTT and pub/sub infrastructure provides a convenient framework for IoT implementations with enterprise-grade security and scale.


Complete deployment flexibility for advanced control and limitless cloud possibilities.

There’s one rule when it comes to CA API Management: deploy it how you want it and enable automation. Each component of your API platform comes in a variety of form factors and can be deployed in a private cloud, on major public cloud platforms, as a SaaS offering or in a hybrid model. Components also have their own APIs to be able to integrate into your CI/CD pipeline.

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Over 650 global customers rely on CA API Management to provide mission-critical connectivity, business agility and security.

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CA API Management reduces API time-to-market by 97%—from 90 days to three.

Source: Forrester Total Economic Impact™ of CA API Management

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Top analysts call CA API Management a leader in the field.

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