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API Monitoring

Achieve full visibility into API performance, uptime and data integrity.

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Why API Monitoring?

Today’s leading digital organizations are leveraging APIs to deliver new services and create additional revenue streams, but for many organizations, the practice of performance and end-user experience monitoring has not kept pace with this critical development. Microservices, containers, and IoT all rely on APIs to connect the various components of modern applications and deliver services to users, but if an API is returning the wrong data, performing poorly or down, your user experience can suffer, leading to a tarnished brand reputation and lost revenue.

What is API Monitoring?

API issues can have far-reaching impact on any business. Without proper visibility into the traffic running through your apps and infrastructure, diagnosing and solving the problem means using up valuable time and resources. API monitoring surfaces issues directly from the internal and third-party APIs that power your apps and infrastructure. It gives you visibility into API problems so you can prevent, identify and solve them fast—before your customers notice.

Building an API Monitoring Practice for Modern Apps, Containers and Microservices

Synthetic and Real-User API Monitoring

Synthetic and Real-User API Monitoring

Synthetic monitoring helps you quickly spot API issues by continuously monitoring API uptime, performance and data integrity. It provides a global view of API performance and allows you to track SLAs. 

Real-User API Monitoring

Real-user API monitoring helps you to identify exactly what's causing an API issue by monitoring the API gateway, backend components and each individual transaction associated with your APIs. This deep visibility allows you to quickly determine the root cause of API problems.

API Monitoring and CA Application Performance Management

Combining synthetic and real-user API monitoring with CA Application Performance Management allows you to follow the user’s transaction through the API gateway and into backend systems so you can gain visibility into API and API gateway performance, identify which backend systems support business services, understand the end-user experience and rapidly triage performance issues.

APIs create the connections that drive digital business, but how do you help ensure your APIs are functioning properly at all times?

API Monitoring and CA API Management

Our API monitoring software is tightly integrated with CA API Management, providing both outside-in and inside-out monitoring to catch API and microservice failures before your customers do. It helps you understand when third-party APIs go down and how they affect performance. It also helps you to ensure that SLAs are being met, gain real-time, in-depth, customizable visibility into critical API performance data, and optimize and monitor API gateway traffic health.

Monitor APIs for uptime, performance and data integrity.

Monitor API performance.

API performance issues can negatively impact the user experience. With traditional monitoring approaches, identifying if an API is slow and why it’s slow can be difficult and time consuming. API monitoring solutions from CA Technologies allows you to proactively identify performance problems and understand how it’s impacting the users experience.

Measure API uptime.

If an API is down, all services relying on that API will encounter problems. Whether it's your own internally developed API or a third-party API your app relies on, API monitoring solutions from CA Technologies provide insights and alerting into API failures. In addition, if you have an SLA agreement with a third-party API provider, continuously monitoring API uptime can ensure that the agreed upon service levels are being met.

Ensure API data integrity.

APIs are a wonderful tool for sharing information with your customers and partners, but if they aren't sending the right information, you have a problem on your hands. Ensure your APIs are returning the right data by leveraging an API monitoring solution from CA Technologies which systematically monitor the output of your APIs.

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