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Layer7® Live API Creator

(formerly CA Live API Creator)

Speed API development and create microservices faster.

Create Microservices in Minutes [7:17]
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Shrink the gap from idea to execution. Get APIs to market faster with secure low-code API development and microservice creation. Layer7 Live API Creator (formerly CA Live API Creator) can be used standalone or with Layer7 API Management.

Speed API Development

Creation in Record Time

Developers can use a visual interface to speed API development and microservice creation, building new data schemas or integrating existing data sources and systems. Business users can create APIs without deep technical knowledge.

Reduce time to create data processing system with reactive logic with Layer7 Live API Creator

Reactive Logic

Increases agility by reducing the time it takes to create data processing systems. Applying reactive logic rules across diverse data sources enables easy business policy and security enforcement. Reactive logic is auto-ordered, chained and executed integration with events and Webhooks, so you can enhance and extend in JavaScript/Java.

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Customizable UI with Layer7 Live API Creator

Customizable Web UI

Enhances data exploration and transaction processing. Layer7 Live API Creator delivers a customizable UI dynamically generated from data schema.

Enterprise message brokering with Layer7 Live API Creator

Enterprise Message Brokering

Supports the communication protocols that enable microservices. Publishes MQTT, Kafka, JMS or RabbitMQ messages and creates listeners to subscribe to messages.

Data Systems Integration with Layer7 Live API Creator

Data Systems Integration

Integrates data across diverse data sources, including SQL, NoSQL databases and cloud services. API owners can extend the API with declarative business rules, JavaScript event processing, role-based security and interactive testing.

Specs & Support

Learn more about how Layer7 Live API Creator accelerates API and microservices creation.

Deployment Options

Deployment Options with CA Technologies
  • Deploy near your data or create new managed data sources
  • WAR deployment to Tomcat, Oracle, WebLogic, IBM WebSphere®, JBoss/WildFly or Jetty
  • Easy deployment via Docker container
  • Cloud deployment on AWS or Azure

Building Better Apps Faster

“[Layer7] Live API Creator takes producing an API from a project to a click, which gives us a hundredfold time saving.”

–Sam Bachman, President, Clarity-IQ

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Clarity IQ building better apps faster with Layer7 Live API Creator

With Layer7 Live API Creator you can…

Integrate with API management

Layer7 Live API Creator works seamlessly with API management solutions to design and create microservices with enterprise-class APIs to be managed.

Support multiple development methodologies

Whether top-down or bottom-up, app-centric or data-centric, automated or code-first, legacy databases or new managed data sources, Layer7 Live API Creator provides the power and control that drives the API economy.

Easily deploy to a variety of environments

Layer7 Live API Creator can run on a broad range of application servers and public and private cloud platforms, as well as Docker. This broad range of platforms guarantees maximum flexibility.

Engage stakeholders and business users

Thanks to point-and-click ease and data exploration capabilities, business users can engage with API creation. Non-technical users can use Layer7 Live API Creator to create new apps and interact with data to drive new business opportunities.

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