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Layer7® API Developer Portal

(formerly CA API Developer Portal)

Publish and discover APIs with a developer portal.

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Layer7 API Developer Portal (formerly CA API Developer Portal) is your central hub for API publishing and discovery. Enable self-service API publishing, API discovery and developer onboarding to create speed and efficiency for releasing new APIs and developing against them. Pairing the API portal with Layer7 API Gateway or Mobile API Gateway provides a complete, industry-leading API management solution that becomes the foundation of your modern application architecture.

API Publishing

Streamlined API Publishing

API teams can quickly and easily publish APIs to select development organizations and environments while applying customizable policy templates to enforce rules at runtime. Each API is automatically documented and ready for developer discovery and app consumption.

API Discovery and Consumption

Simplified API Discovery and Consumption

API developer portals are customizable for each developer organization and provide access to a searchable catalog of APIs. APIs are easy to find, interactive documentation and code generation makes them easy to understand and a seamless registration process makes them easy to use.

API Program Analytics

API Program Analytics

Articulate the business value of your APIs better with in-depth analytics. Create and share custom reports and dashboards to help your team keep an eye on the KPIs you need to ensure a positive API consumer experience. App developers can also see how their app’s APIs are performing and troubleshoot issues.

Flexible and Containerized Architecture

Flexible and Containerized Architecture

Supports the environments where your apps and APIs reside. Your API portal is deployed in Docker containers and can be used in private or public cloud, SaaS or hybrid models to suit what’s best for your business.

DevOps Integration for APIs

DevOps Integration for APIs

API-first product design enables core API management capabilities to be managed programmatically through APIs. Easily integrate your API operations with your CI/CD pipeline and DevOps toolchain or access API analytics in an external BI platform.

Specs & Support

See how Layer7 API Developer Portal helps API owners and developers streamline API publishing and consumption.

Deployment Options

CA Developer Portal On-Premises Private Cloud

On-Premises/Private Cloud

  • Easy Docker Swarm cluster installation to work with local or cloud Layer7 API Gateways or Layer7 Mobile API Gateways
  • Maintain full control of your data and technology stack
  • Complete ownership
  • Upgrades on your own schedule
  • Uptime driven by you
SaaS Layer7 API Developer Portal


  • Flexible geography deployment
  • Cloud provider infrastructure features
  • No ownership (expenses are OPEX)
  • Always on the latest version
  • Defined SLAs
Hybrid Layer7 API Developer Portal


  • Keep your Layer7 API Developer Portal in the cloud while connecting to local or private cloud gateways
  • Retain the control and security benefits of on-premises installations while offloading portal ownership
  • Simplified firewall rules
  • Multiple data center support

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Securely Unlock Data

“With [Layer7] API Management we can share API components across multiple projects and teams, which helps to accelerate the development of new integrations without duplication of effort.”

–Ivan Sager, Director of Product Development, The Advisory Board Company

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The Advisory Board Company Layer7 API Management

With Layer7 API Developer Portal you can…

Create a developer ecosystem

Simplify API discovery for developers so they can get started quickly with a seamless registration process, automated documentation, code generation and interactive testing tools. Maximize API adoption with portals for each developer organization, providing access to defined API groups in a developer-friendly API catalog.

Enable self-service API publishing

Apply enterprise architecture–approved security policies, define consumption plans and enforce SLAs when publishing APIs for use by authorized partners and developers.

Deploy APIs with ultimate control

Advanced control enables automatic, manual or scripted API deployment to targeted environments or geographies, specific development organizations or for internal use only.

Understand and manage API program performance

Examine consumption trends, latency and errors with customizable dashboards and advanced analytics. Operational teams can measure API usage for better capacity planning.

Boost development efficiency and revenue

Empower developers to build apps across channels—such as mobile, Web, cloud and IoT—that extend market reach and grow revenue.

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