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CA Microgateway

Secure and manage traffic with a microservice gateway.

Reap the benefits of microservices without sacrificing security or control. Aggregate, secure and manage microservices with a lightweight, containerized API microservice gateway that integrates easily with DevOps processes. CA Microgateway lets you proxy, secure and manage microservices traffic and is designed to scale within highly decentralized environments.

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microservice gateway containerized

Lightweight and Containerized

Easily integrate your microservice gateway with industry-standard toolsets and scales in decentralized environments.

policy templates secure APIs

Policy Templates

Provides simple, extensible policy templates that enable microservices developers to easily proxy and secure their APIs.

microservice patterns

Microservice Patterns

Supports common microservice patterns by providing service discovery, rate-limiting and last-mile security.

traffic management microservices

Traffic Management

Provides dynamic traffic management for incoming and outgoing traffic and communications between microservices.

Service-Mesh Orchestration

Service-Mesh Orchestration

Easily and quickly aggregates and orchestrates API interfaces to microservices, hiding their granularity and complexity using built-in templates.

Specs & Support

Learn more about how this microservice gateway can help you manage complex containerized application traffic.

Deployment Options

Microservice gateway containerized deployment

Containerized Deployment

  • Microservice gateway deploys alongside the microservices it manages in PaaS and container management environments
  • Easily accessible from common developer platforms
  • Deployable and manageable using Docker

Transforming the Citizen Experience

“We have been able to realize our vision for offering citizens a better experience in partnership with CA Technologies, offering a single interface to all state services from any device.”

–Michael Allison, Chief Technology Officer, State of Louisiana

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State of Louisiana transforms citizen experience with CA Technologies

With a microservice gateway you can...

Secure microservices

Provide a central policy enforcement point for authentication, authorization and threat protection. Easily apply end-to-end security through templates.

Support developers

Enable developers to embrace new devices and protocols as they emerge through APIs and microservices. Developers can easily deploy and configure CA Microgateway at design time using provided templates.

Increase agility with DevOps processes

CA Microgateway integrates with industry-standard DevOps tools for scripted production deployments and can be extended to support custom/new use cases by creating new templates and baking them into new pre-configured containers.

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