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Microservice Architectures

Deliver better customer experiences, adapt to change faster and build to scale with microservices.

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Adopt microservices to help you achieve…



Break down system dependencies to improve software delivery speed and increase agility. Deliver new products faster and pivot easily when needed.

enterprise-class security


Decentralize systems and increase developer autonomy—and rest easy knowing enterprise-class security is still protecting your underlying data.

scale system components


Independently scale system components to allow your digital business to grow faster without compromising performance and user experience.

Move to Microservices

Transition to a modern application architecture with award-winning microservices infrastructure.

Layer7 Live API Creator

Layer7® Live API Creator

(formerly CA Live API Creator)

Create microservices in minutes. Design your service, apply robust logic and expose an enterprise-class API up to 10x faster than traditional coding when you use an extensible low-code development platform to aggregate data sources.

Layer7 Microgateway

Layer7 Microgateway

(formerly CA Microgateway)

Empower developers to handle aggregation, orchestration and management for microservice architectures large and small. Layer7 Microgateway is a lightweight, containerized and headless gateway designed to scale within highly decentralized environments. It’s designed specifically for developers to help with complex microservice traffic management and security.

I want to...

Adopt best practices for microservices

Explore books, articles, lessons and consulting through API Academy.

Create microservices in record speed

Build and deploy microservices fast with an enterprise-class low-code platform.

Secure, orchestrate and manage complex traffic

Provide microservice developers with a containerized ephemeral gateway to help ensure security, service availability, discovery and more.

Aggregate microservices into external API products

Abstract away the complexity of your backend systems by providing developers and partners with an API suited to their needs.

Help developers discover my microservice-based APIs

Catalog, automatically document and centralize service discovery for large volumes of microservices.

See how my containerized architecture is performing

Monitor transactions through your entire system to help fix issues fast and ensure a great user experience.

Download the essential guide to microservices

Driving Transformation with APIs

“The main benefit of CA solutions for us has been the empowerment and agility for our microservice architecture movement. Without these products, we would not be successful.”

–Michael Lee, VP of Engineering, Beachbody

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Drive transformation with APIs

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API and microservice trends

The Power of APIs

Learn about today’s API and microservice trends as well as three practices teams are using to supercharge their digital business.

Microservices vocabulary

The Vocabulary of Microservices

To mature more quickly, we need to standardize the language of microservice architecture and distributed systems.

API Security model for microservices

API Security Model for Microservices

Looking for a model to aid in your microservices transformation? Meet DHARMA.

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Layer7 API Management

Layer7 API Management

Aggregate microservices into secure internal or external API products and measure API program success.

Precision API Monitoring

Precision API Monitoring

Get near-real time, transaction-level visualization into the performance of APIs and related microservices.

CA BlazeMeter

CA BlazeMeter

Run scalable, open source-based performance tests against your apps, from mobile apps to microservices.

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Get advice from experts

API Academy advice

API Academy is a team of industry experts who provide training and guidance on APIs and microservices. They can help you plan an API program strategy, design effective interfaces and architect a solid foundation for your digital transformation.

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Microservice Architecture for the Enterprise

Take a design-based approach to microservice architecture that addresses culture, organization, methodology and technology.


Building Microservices for Speed and Agility

Speed and agility matter. Learn the main concepts around microservices and how they help accelerate time to market.


Keep Your Microservice APIs Secure

Don’t let your access control approach become a bottleneck for your developers or for the scalability of your system.

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