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Layer7® Mobile API Gateway

(formerly CA Mobile API Gateway)

Build best-in-class apps with a mobile gateway.

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Create and secure 5-star, IoT-ready apps that engage users, deliver industry-leading security and power new digital experiences. With a powerful toolset to speed app development, Layer7 Mobile API Gateway (formerly CA Mobile API Gateway) simplifies all key mobile security and management processes, reduces developer workload and provides the scale and integration necessary to support mobile-first businesses and enable IoT.

Industry Leading Security

Industry-Leading Security

Supports the leading mobile identity and access management protocols for top-notch security from the app to the API.

Flexible Authentication

Flexible Authentication

Protects the triangle of trust: users, apps and devices. Provides robust identity management, balancing enterprise-grade PKI security in the app and API fabric with convenient access.

Developer Enablement

Developer Enablement

Provides a powerful toolset to speed app development with standards-based, open source SDKs and APIs, client-side libraries and documentation.

Scalability to Enable IoT

Scalability to Enable IoT

Provides the scale and integration necessary to support the growing number of apps, APIs and devices to support mobile and IoT opportunities.

Specs & Support

Learn more about creating mobile and IoT-ready apps with Layer7 Mobile API Gateway.

Deployment Options


Your mobile gateway licenses come with the flexibility of various form factors to suit your changing business needs.

On-Premises/Private Cloud

  • Docker/Kubernetes
  • Virtual Machine
  • Software
  • Hardware

Public Cloud

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Azure

Layer7 API Management


Deploy your API management solution with Layer7 API Developer Portal as SaaS while your Layer7 API Gateway resides on-premises or in the cloud.

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Creating Superior Customer Experiences

"The [Layer7] API Management tool significantly simplified the digital platform...easily feeding our responsive website and mobile applications."

–Boris Darlet, Content Platform Manager at Eurosport

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Eurosport CA Technologies API Management

With a mobile gateway you can…

Enjoy security without compromise

Secure your enterprise assets without compromising user experience or business agility. Layer7 Mobile API Gateway provides end-to-end protection of data at rest and in motion with enterprise-grade PKI security and encryption in the app and API fabric, mutual SSL, OAuth 2.0, PKCE and OpenID connect.

Leverage flexible, powerful authentication

Balance industry-leading security with convenient access. Layer7 Mobile API Gateway supports token-based authentication and authorization built on OAuth3 and OpenID Connect. Provide additional authentication with Rapid App Security, social login and proximity login, biometric authentication via Samsung SDS Nexsign and more.

Speed app development

Provide developers with the tools and built-in expertise to build apps faster and reduce time to value. Client SDKs provide developers with powerful features like user and group management, collaboration, messaging, geolocation and social login. API traffic orchestration and caching within the mobile gateway enables developers to optimize app performance while supporting complex, feature-rich experiences.

Evolve from legacy to next-gen

Bridge application silos and extend backend services. With Layer7 Mobile API Gateway you can integrate mobile backend services, legacy infrastructure, enterprise data and third-party resources into scalable REST APIs built for mobile and IoT.

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