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CA API Management SaaS

An API management platform with cloud convenience.

Get your digital initiatives to market fast with an API Management platform from CA. It’s ideal for businesses that need a reduced setup time, simplified management and lower upfront costs. CA API Management SaaS is your starting point for creating a modern API-first application architecture. Get powerful API ecosystems with cloud convenience.

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API publishing developer publishing and app consumption

Streamlined API Publishing

API teams can quickly and easily publish APIs to select development organizations and environments while applying customizable policy templates to enforce rules at runtime. Each API is automatically documented and ready for developer discovery and app consumption.

API Discovery and consumption

Simplified API Discovery and Consumption

API portals are customizable for each developer organization to provide access to a searchable catalog of APIs. APIs are easy to find, interactive documentation and code generation makes them easy to understand and a seamless registration process makes them easy to use.

API Program Analytics

API Program Analytics

Articulate the business value of your APIs better with in-depth analytics. Create and share custom reports and dashboards to help your team keep an eye on the KPIs you need to ensure a positive API consumer experience. App developers can also see how their app’s APIs are performing and troubleshoot issues.

Industry-Leading Security

Industry-Leading Security

CA API Management SaaS is built on the security pedigree of the CA API Gateway, which has been used for years in critical defense and public sector networks. You can ensure every API is protected against OWASP top ten threats, use fine-grained access control options and easily implement common standards like OAuth and SAML.

cloud based API infrastructure

Cloud-Based Platform

Get up and running quickly with cloud-based API infrastructure that doesn’t need a strong in-house IT team to manage and is always up to date with the latest version.

Specs & Support

See how the CA API Management Platform delivers API security and management benefits with SaaS flexibility.

Securely Unlock Data

“With CA API Management we can share API components across multiple projects and teams, which helps to accelerate the development of new integrations without duplication of effort.”

–Ivan Sager, Director of Product Development, The Advisory Board Company

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Advisory Board Company API Management accelerate development

Other Deployment Options

Need to deploy the CA API Management platform on-premises or in private or public clouds? Look at using CA API Gateway and CA API Developer Portal together, which provides the same functionality and flexible deployment methods.

CA API Gateway

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