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App Analytics

Boost performance, fix crashes and get to know your users.

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Capture powerful insights into performance, design, crashes and usage with app analytics.

In today’s app economy, end-user experience is key. Despite the complexity of today’s application delivery chain, end users expect a flawless experience, no matter how, when or where they access your apps.

What makes a great user experience? An intuitive design, error-free code and flawless
performance. Application analytics delivers insights into your customers’ digital experience and helps you quickly determine if an issue with an app lies in the design, code or infrastructure, so you can triage the problem before it impacts the customer experience.

Built on an open, flexible SaaS analytics foundation that uniquely combines user behavior with operational performance, CA App Experience Analytics provides the insights you need to gain a deeper understanding of customers’ overall digital experience.

86% of surveyed IT organizations improved their application performance by 15%-35% or more with CA App Experience Analytics.

Source: TechValidate. TVID: 0E8-F21-49A

CA App Experience Analytics definitely has a more advanced visualization than anything we’ve used before, and it’s easier to get an understanding of what the data means.

Chris Kilroy, director of client integration and activation, CNN

Design for the experience.

Anticipate the needs of your customers, and build the next great version of your app by gaining valuable insights into how customers are engaging with your apps through advanced app flow visualization, video session playback and touch and gesture heatmaps.

Generate real user insights.

Make user frustration a thing of the past by understanding what your users are experiencing across devices and platforms. Know when users switch between devices and when and why they have a poor experience.

Improve mobile and Web app performance.

Poor performance is an app killer. Leverage application analytics to gain visibility from the device all the way to backend systems, including mainframe and cloud. Spot and triage performance issues before they impact the customer experience.

Gain code-level visibility.

Five-star app reviews usually don’t contain the words crash or error. Keep your customers happy and ratings high by gaining code-level visibility into your apps so you can quickly find and fix mobile and Web app issues that are causing a poor experience.

Discover what an app analytics solution can do for you.

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