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Application and Infrastructure Monitoring Tools

Maximize visibility from mobile to the mainframe so you can maximize your customer’s experience.

Keep track of what matters to your customers with powerful application and infrastructure monitoring tools.

Make a great customer experience a competitive advantage.

Get usage, performance and developer analytics in one.

Get 360-degree visibility into systems and infrastructure performance.

Confidently deliver your brand with full stack network monitoring and analytics. 

Enable the fully automated enterprise with intelligent automation.

Take a proactive approach to IT service management.

Intelligently manage mainframe platforms to drive transformation.

Provide automated services when they are needed, where they are needed.

Put DevOps to work.

In the application economy, constant application updates are table stakes. To gain a competitive advantage, you must deliver the very best user experience by ensuring those improvements are based on real user feedback and application and infrastructure performance—from mobile to mainframe, on-premises or in the cloud. AIOps from Broadcom(R) can give you from CA Technologies, A Broadcom Company can give your enterprise the holistic monitoring and in-depth management capabilities it needs to turn this feedback into valuable functions and reduce mean-time-to-recover.

Get everyone on the same page.

Having multiple application and infrastructure monitoring tools is like having too many cooks in the kitchen—nothing comes out the way it should. Simplify and unify your IT monitoring with CA. We’ll help you streamline workflows, reduce costs and resolve issues as a team—all while creating apps that deliver an unsurpassed user experience.

More than solutions. Answers.

Only CA provides real-time application and infrastructure monitoring tools to help you deliver amazing user experiences the first time, every time. But we also offer proven expertise and knowledge gained from helping thousands of companies succeed. Count on us for the guidance and insight you need to transform your company.

Get real data. Make a real difference.

Applications are your new first impression. And you only have seconds to make a great one. Respond immediately to real performance data with DX Application Performance Management. When you can pinpoint the exact cause and timing of problems, it’s easier than ever to boost application performance and make happy customers even happier.

Find and fix errors easier and earlier.

The best fix is the one your users never notice. Make it happen with powerful app analytics that quickly zoom to a specific line of code. Then use that same data to dig deep into the features and functions your customers use most. They’ll enjoy a superior user experience—from the smallest detail to the big picture.

Unified monitoring tools that let you see everything.

Complex application environments make it difficult to pinpoint the source and timing of problems, leading to poor application performance and unhappy (or former) users. Expand your view with a comprehensive, customer-centric IT monitoring solution that lets you see everything—and miss nothing—from a single pane of glass.

Comprehensive and scalable network monitoring for traditional to SDN and cloud networks

A great customer experience doesn't happen without a reliable and agile network. Protect the most important delivery mechanism for your brand with full stack network monitoring and analytics that converts inventory, topology, device metrics, faults, flow and packet analysis into actionable intelligence for network operations teams.

Intelligent business automation that delivers the agile enterprise.

You need agility in coping with change both from business and technology, while needing the visibility and scalability to support business growth at the same time. With CA Workload Automation you’ll boost staff productivity, support business growth and create competitive advantage in your market.

Provide services the way your workforce and customers want.

The key to providing progressive IT service management is to put people at the center. That’s why Clarity SM is designed for humans and built for service. Your business users won’t skip a beat, thanks to an intuitive, productive self-service experience. And your analysts will make every moment count, with the content to make smart decisions and accurately prioritize each job. It’s a complete approach to delivering connected IT services that embraces the team, not the ticket.

Reframe your mainframe.

Your mainframe systems are being challenged to do more with less. Make it happen with CA. Our Mainframe Management and Analytics solutions will help you leverage Big Iron to create big possibilities across cloud and mobility environments. And they’ll give you the ability to correlate multiple data sources for actionable insights that drive immediate business value.

Service Orchestration that delivers–automatically and intelligently.

To compete in the digital economy you need to deliver services on demand, without latency and delays caused by having to wait for someone, somewhere to take an action. You have to deliver these services not only to human users but also to applications and systems management and monitoring tools. And you have to do this in a scalable and flexible manner. Service Orchestration provides these capabilities in an agile yet totally reliable manner. Provide the services your organization needs to compete and win.


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Continuously release high-quality apps at scale.

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