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Application Monitoring

Full stack monitoring for modern applications

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Customer Experience is Everything

For today’s modern digital business, delivering superior performance and a great user experience at scale is just as important as new functionality and features. This requires broad and deep application monitoring across every customer journey.

With full stack monitoring powered by analytics, Application Monitoring helps teams understand how technology performance impacts the business and its customers. Eliminating blind-spots and pinpointing problems– from front-end apps to back-end business processes—and spanning modern networks and cloud services, CA solutions provide the rich insights needed to power digital business.

Actionable guidance and modern application monitoring best practices

What is Application Monitoring?

Application monitoring is the process to ensure that software applications, systems and networks maintain the levels of performance needed to support business outcomes. This process is used by DevOps practitioners to measure and evaluate the performance of software application elements (from application to infrastructure) and as the primary means to detect, triage and remediate performance issues. As application complexity increases, tools in this category also employ analytics to reduce false-alarms, pinpoint anomalies and predict problems.

Full Stack Digital Experience Monitoring for Five-Star Customer Experiences

SaaS-based digital experience monitoring is comprised of app experience analytics, application performance management and infrastructure management. With powerful, ready-to-use analytics, fast time-to-value and seamless integration, CA Digital Experience Insights uniquely delivers comprehensive application monitoring at the scale as needed for the modern business.

Powerful Analytics to Drive Better Application Outcomes

Find signals in the noise by correlating logs, metrics and transactions – from app to infrastructure. With user experience insights, log analytics and powerful machine learning algorithms, Application Monitoring from CA helps teams run large-scale systems by automatically detecting anomalies, predicting problems and prescribing improvements.

Modern Application Monitoring for the Modern Digital Business

Gain fast and accurate insights needed to drive superior performance from cloud-hosted applications, platforms and systems. Engineered to manage modern stacks, including, AWS, Docker and SD-WAN, Application Monitoring from CA helps teams accelerate the value of these dynamic systems and future-proof the business.

Eliminating Performance Blind-Spots Across Every Customer Journey

Understand the full performance picture and eliminate blind-spots by linking business outcomes to customer experience and application performance. Application Monitoring from CA analyzes each and every customer journey and transaction–starting with mobile app click to code and infrastructure, pinpointing the cause of complex performance and response time problems before the business is impacted.

Comprehensive End-to-End Application Monitoring–Mobile to Mainframe

Gain end-to-end application monitoring across every digital channel. Application Monitoring from CA combines full unified infrastructure visibility with deep customer experience insight across mobile apps, APIs, data power, microservices, hybrid-cloud services, mainframes, third-party systems and critical back-end processes.

Powerful Performance Across Big Data, Databases and Packaged Applications

Detect, diagnose and resolve performance issues across today’s massively complex, diverse data stores. Application Monitoring from CA delivers unified visibility and deep application performance insights across relational, NoSQL and Big Data systems, including: Oracle, Cassandra and MongoDB, together with extensive support for major application investments such as SAP and

Future-Proof Business with Modern Application Monitoring

Learn how businesses benefit from Application Monitoring

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