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Application Security Testing

Test for security defects without slowing down development.

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AppSec testing that’s seamless for security teams and painless for developers.

CA Veracode’s automated security tools deliver fast, repeatable and actionable results, without the noise of false positives. Our tools integrate into existing development toolchains, enabling you to quickly identify and remediate security flaws early in your process—without adding needless steps to the software lifecycle, so you can continue creating high-quality and secure software.

CA Veracode offers all major types of automated and manual risk assessments, so you won’t have to juggle multiple vendors, reports and technologies. CA Veracode integrates into each stage of your software development lifecycle (SDLC), so you are building secure software, rather than making costly last-minute fixes that delay releases. We even help you detect and block exploitation attacks in production. And we integrate with popular IDEs, ticketing and bug tracking tools, WAFs, Build and GRC systems—tools your development teams are already using.

The CA Veracode platform brings scan data together into robust reporting and analytics dashboards, so you can track and share your progress over time, identifying what flaws are being fixed, how long it takes and which teams are getting it done.

Great software is secure software.

Find coding defects without leaving your IDE.

APIs and plug-ins enable you to easily test code in your environments, for immediate results.

Fix flaws as you find them.

Get help to fix what you find with contextual remediation guidance and on-demand video tutorials.

Demonstrate compliance quickly and efficiently.

Low false positive rates and fast scan times help you satisfy compliance needs without the hassle.

Create high-quality, secure software.

Software is the engine that powers business innovation—and the number one attack vector. Most applications were not built with security in mind: in fact, more than 63 percent of applications fail the OWASP Top 10 on first scan.1

At the same time, to meet business-driven deadlines and keep up with the rapid pace of innovation, your development team is churning out software faster than ever. Serious risk of breach and regulatory pressures are driving your company to turn attention to application security, but you don’t have the time, people or money to move the needle. As a result, you are only securing a fraction of your applications, if any at all, leaving your company exposed to risk of data breach.

Speed and agility are key to winning in the application economy. But speedy delivery does not have to mean low-quality, insecure software. Application Security Testing solutions from CA integrate into existing development tools you already use, enabling organizations to fully realize a DevSecOps process working alongside continuous integration/continuous delivery pipelines.

CA Veracode scans can run as early in the development process as possible with products like Greenlight, which integrates with popular IDEs enabling developers to scan and identify vulnerabilities in seconds and fix them before they ever near release into production environments.

With Software Composition Analysis, you can easily catalog every application in your network, allowing you to manage and track open source software usage, giving you the real-time intelligence you need to know what and where to patch when new vulnerabilities are disclosed.

1. Source: State of Software Security, 2017

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Featured Products

CA Veracode Greenlight

Add security to your DevOps process and reduce cost to fix.

CA Veracode Static Analysis

Find and fix software vulnerabilities in applications you build or buy.

CA Veracode Developer Training

Reduce costs by training developers on application security.

CA Veracode Integrations

Integrate application security into your SDLC.

CA Veracode Software Composition Analysis

Manage the risk of open source components in your applications.

CA Veracode Web Application Scanning

Find web applications vulnerabilities in staging and production.

Software-as-a-Service from Day 1

CA Veracode’s SaaS platform allows you to get started scanning applications for security flaws in minutes. Assess your own software with scanning engines that leverage the collected learnings from scanning over 5 trillion lines of code.

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