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CA Automic Dollar Universe

Decentralized Workload Automation

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Optimize IT workload in high-volume, hybrid, heterogeneous environments

CA Automic Dollar Universe automates and optimizes IT workloads in today’s high volume, hybrid, heterogeneous environments. Its real-time, event-driven fully distributed architecture guarantees your business processes complete on time, in a reliable, reportable and measurable fashion. CA Automic Dollar Universe offers innovative, decentralized architecture that delivers high resilience even in tough environments and limits the risk of a single point of catastrophic failure. Clocks, calendars, events and alerts can all be combined with complex dependencies to efficiently drive the most critical IT processes you need to run your business.

CA Automic Dollar Universe Features

Multi-Platform Scheduling

Manage and visualize a business process end-to-end, across platforms from a central point of control.

Event-Driven Automation

Allow event-driven communication between application servers, eliminating any overhead that might incur when polling to check status.

Easy Job Design

Deliver by a consumer style, drag-and-drop web interface that simplifies the creation of jobs and job flows.

Workload Analytics

Provide real-time activity monitoring and historic performance metrics used to forecast when application processes will complete.

Lifecycle Management

Enable a smooth, safe transition when testing changes to IT workload and going live with dedicated staging zones for development, test, QA, training and production.

Peer-to-Peer Architecture

Make the software easy to deploy and scale, while limiting the risk of a single point of catastrophic failure.

CA Automic Dollar Universe Benefits

Improve Visibility

Enhance visibility and control on critical processes and enhance alignment between business and IT operations.

Meet SLAs

Improve quality of service by eliminating unnecessary manual intervention and reducing the number of errors.

Accelerate Delivery

Increase performance by accelerating service delivery and eliminating latency and bottlenecks in IT processes.

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