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Automation is the backbone of your enterprise agility.

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Drive Business Innovation And Agility With An Automation Center of Excellence

Successfully transformed companies embrace an Automation Center of Excellence (CoE) to Transform Customer Experience and Innovate with Agility at Scale.

Using an open approach to Automation and AI that works in conjunction with both third party and our own technologies, we deliver the outcomes customers need to succeed in today’s digital economy.

This approach allows companies to establish an Automation Center of Excellence that creates the backbone for enterprise agility and the foundation for success.

We help our customers to create an automation first culture, improve the enablement and rate of adoption of automation, foster an ecosystem of actions, add-ons, and templates, minimize the risk to critical digital infrastructure, evolve automation to be autonomous and more intelligent, and to give you the freedom of choice for your tools.

Automic® empowers teams to build, use, and run an "Automation Center of Excellence" to evolve from job scheduling to Continuous Delivery, Digital Business Automation, and AIOps use cases.

Continuous Delivery

The Intelligent Pipeline lets you easily construct and monitor releases including the dependencies across the pipelines. Capabilities such as machine learning constantly work to reduce test cycle time while improving quality and test coverage.

Explore Intelligent Pipeline and Continuous Delivery

Trial of Automic Continuous Delivery Director

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Digital Business Automation

Digital Business Automation covers workload automation for complex workloads, self-service automation to run self-service for business and dev users, and big data automation for data scientists at massive scale with fully controlled data flows.

Explore Workload Automation, Self Service Automation and Big Data Automation

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AIOps offers proactive and seamless automated remediation across systems, applications, and hybrid environments by analyzing diverse structured and unstructured data sources that can range from the cloud to the mainframe.

Explore: AIOps

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With Automic® enterprises can empower their Automation Center of Excellence to deliver

* Transformation to speed     * Continuously innovate     * Transform at scale

Critical Capabilities To Be The Automation Center Of Excellence


Open API automation platform that integrates your applications and tools across the enterprise into a single comprehensive automation strategy.

Massively Scalable

Scales up to 100K agents and 100M jobs per instance. Software clustering ensures reliability and dynamic scalability without the need of specialized fault tolerant hardware.

Lifecycle Management

Easily and securely promote automation policies across dev/test/prod environments.

Infrastructure Management

Simplify the efforts of developers and operations to create, deploy, and run applications with automatic provisioning and de-provisioning as part of continuous delivery workflows or pre-approved, self-help runbooks.


Empower shift-left initiatives by enabling developers to directly code automation artifacts that can be easily promoted across dev/test/prod environments.

Integrations Marketplace

Marketplace of add-ons and templates to extend the reach of automation and solve more business challenges.

Mainframe to Microservices

Provide support for mainframe, distributed, virtual and cloud environments combined with the broadest certifications for business applications.

Zero Downtime Upgrades

Zero downtime upgrades guarantee there is no need for a maintenance window and no downtime when installing new versions or patches.

Governance and Compliance

Comprehensive auditing and control of all automated processing and user activity keeping processes in conformance with company regulations.

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Customer Success

Read user reviews from the tech community.

It's one of the most important systems in our operation today

So, if you're looking for the real impact, you must look at the integration of the Automic into your business application, in your customer journey, and into the digital process. This is what most organization are experiencing today.


Source: IT Central Station

We have been working with them for a long time and we trust their products

The stability is very good. We have not had any crashes or downtime with it in our testing. We are very happy with it and it runs pretty fast. Look at this product. Give it a shot, but also understand what your needs are.


Source: IT Central Station

Automated real-time notifications and continuous processing are valuable for us

If you need some automation, especially in batch processing, it's easy to handle and also the support is excellent, so I don't think you are going to have a problem. I gave it a 10 out of 10 because, so far, I haven't had an issue.

Erwin Antona

Source: IT Central Station

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