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Big Data Automation

Simplified automation for your Big Data.

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Big Data Automation with Automic® Automation

Organizations are being disrupted by the advent of Big Data, a unique opportunity to make faster, more informed decisions and deliver highly personalized customer experiences. Leveraging all the potential of Big Data requires you to efficiently capture, store and distribute data to hundreds of downstream applications. However, expert skills to design and operate reliable data flows from source to analytics are difficult to find.

You need the right level of automation to provide self-services for data scientists, at massive scale and with stronger governance on data flows.

Automic Automation simplifies and accelerates the integration of your big data initiatives with efficient Big Data Automation. Processes can be designed visually without coding, and can scale to thousands of data flows. Data engineers and non-technical users like data scientists are quickly enabled with self-service, reducing development effort, increasing agility and enhancing compliance.

Automic Automation Capabilities

Hadoop Automation

Automate Hadoop jobs and HDFS actions without needing to write scripts.

Self-Service Automation

Provide non-technical users like data scientists with efficient and reliable services on-demand.

Integrated Managed File Transfer (MFT)

Eliminate extra tools with MFT that integrates within your data processing.

Automic Automation Key Features


Open API automation platform that integrates your applications and tools across the enterprise into a single comprehensive automation strategy.

Massively Scalable

Scales up to 100K agents and 100M jobs per instance. Software clustering ensures reliability and dynamic scalability without the need of specialized fault tolerant hardware.

Lifecycle Management

Easily and securely promote automation policies across dev/test/prod environments.

Infrastructure Management

Simplify the efforts of developers and operations to create, deploy, and run applications with automatic provisioning and de-provisioning as part of continuous delivery workflows or pre-approved, self-help runbooks.


Empower shift-left initiatives by enabling developers to directly code automation artifacts that can be easily promoted across dev/test/prod environments.

Integrations Marketplace

Marketplace of add-ons and templates to extend the reach of automation and solve more business challenges.

Mainframe to Microservices

Provide support for mainframe, distributed, virtual and cloud environments combined with the broadest certifications for business applications.

Zero Downtime Upgrades

Zero downtime upgrades guarantee there is no need for a maintenance window and no downtime when installing new versions or patches.

Governance and Compliance

Comprehensive auditing and control of all automated processing and user activity keeping processes in conformance with company regulations.

Automic Automation Benefits

Innovate with Agility at Scale

Enable greater agility in the acquisition, processing and distribution of information.

Improve Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Reduce technology management costs by eliminating the need for extensive scripting.

Ensure Digital Trust

Encrypt passwords in login objects for greater security and avoiding multiplication of local scripts.

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