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Automic® Automation Analytics and Reporting for External Data

Integrate external data into workload analytics.

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External Data Integration and Analysis

Your ability to maintain your quality of service is dependent upon quickly understanding error occurrences and their root cause. Until now, that trend analysis and root cause determination could take weeks and months as you sift through raw data, reports, qualitative information and more.

Intelligent and selective data integration, which guarantees clean and structured data, is a key factor of success for efficient data analysis. With Automic® Automation Analytics and Reporting for External Data, it is possible to integrate analysis data from different source systems. Data can be unified from several systems into one analysis data repository.

Automic OmniView provides automatic documentation and reporting on your Automic Automation process definitions providing advanced flowcharting, printing and on-line sharing of your automated workflows.

Automic Automation Reporting and Analytics for External Data Includes

External Data Integration

Integration of external data related to business or technical sources

Query Builder

Graphical query builder for creation of datasets on external data

Data Analysis

Top-down and bottom-up analysis on production and external data

Seamless Integration 

Seamless integration into the CA Web interface dashboards

Easy Customization

Single or multi-series charts based on VARA objects

Display Widgets

Large set of representations (for example: Bar, Deviation, Table, Pie and Time Series)

Automic Automation Analytics and Reporting for External Data Benefits

Visibility Improvement

Improve visibility on application workload performance.

Efficiency Improvement

Improve the efficiency and accuracy of IT automation staff.

Capacity Planning

Relate workload capacity requirements directly to business needs.

Faster Problem Diagnosis

Diagnose problem easily and expedite workload service levels problem resolution.

Improved IT and Business Alignment

Deliver comprehensive reporting, integrating both production and business data.

End-User Satisfaction

Deliver targeted reports customized for every business stakeholder.

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