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Automic Continuous Delivery for Siebel

Bring agility and velocity to Siebel deployments and releases.

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Automic Continuous Delivery for Siebel: 100 Percent Automation of Siebel Deployments

Oracle’s Siebel CRM application is a critical backend system, delivering a combination of transactional, analytical and engagement features to expertly manage customer-facing operations. However, Siebel tooling and development processes were built in the 1990s and existing Siebel development and integration processes fail to meet today's agile processes and speed requirements.

This is where Automic Continuous Delivery for Siebel comes in. This solution enables agile Siebel deployments and releases. It also provides a smooth continuous integration process within Siebel—so more can be tested and released more quickly.

Automic Continuous Delivery for Siebel Features

Remove Manual Steps

Automate all of your Siebel deployments so you don’t have to manually migrate ever again.

Support All Objects

Both repository and non-repository objects are supported, along with full and single object compilations. Support IP-18 and Siebel migration application.

Integrate Your Business Processes

Integrate with your existing spreadsheets and other management processes.

Package and Version Control

Package and version control baseline Siebel developments.

Speed-Up Deployments

Accelerate your deployment process by an order of magnitude.

Free-Up Time

Push code changes to an integration server environment so compilations do not keep you idle.

Automic Continuous Delivery for Siebel Benefits

Eliminate Errors and Save Time

Fully automate Siebel deployments.

Gain Visibility

Interact with all Siebel deployments and synchronizations through a single pane of glass.

Enable Staff to Innovate

Free up staff completely from migration and deployment work.

Take Back Control

Maintain complete control and compliance across your entire Siebel enterprise.

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