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DX Application Performance Management for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

On demand in the AWS Marketplace—DX APM optimizes user experiences of your applications in AWS.

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Recognized as a Leader in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring

Apps are the face of your business. Make sure your apps running on AWS make the right impression.

DX Application Performance Management (DX APM) is a powerful, comprehensive solution that helps you optimize the performance of your applications to deliver a superior end user experience. DX APM provides visibility into the end-user experience and helps you proactively detect and address issues—across physical, virtual, cloud or mobile environments. You can map all transactions to the end-to-end infrastructure and conduct incident triage and root-cause diagnoses in a complete and integrated solution. With DX Application Performance Management, great customer experience can be a competitive advantage. Now available on demand in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, DX APM uniquely positions you to ensure that every mobile and online interaction becomes a loyalty-building transaction.

What is AWS Application Monitoring?

AWS application monitoring enables organizations to maintain a high-quality customer experience by monitoring the availability and performance of applications that have components running on Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS application monitoring also helps organizations detect emerging application performance problems across AWS auto-scaling groups and resources. It also enables the rapid triage of problems with automated, detailed transaction traces while helping to better match application workloads to AWS instance types through ongoing analysis of performance patters over time. Finally, AWS application monitoring can help correlates AWS topology changes to application performance to help prevent service interruption.

Easy to Deploy and Manage

With DX APM, you can deploy agents and start getting value in minutes. Now available via the AWS Marketplace, DX APM enables you to eliminate the effort and investment of deploying an on-premises APM solution.

Proactive controls

DX APM can help you to identify and fix issues before users are affected. The solution features automatic transaction traces and a unified end-user view into every transaction. Track and manage mobile, synthetic and web-based applications. 

Intelligent, comprehensive visibility

DX APM leverages big data so you can better understand your end users’ interactions with your applications and the entire infrastructure that supports those applications, from the mobile device all the way to the mainframe in the back end.

Collaborative capabilities

DX APM enables productive collaboration across the organization, so you can reduce complexity and boost productivity. With DX APM, you can deliver task-relevant views for every user, from developers to level-one support operators, fostering continuous performance improvements at every stage of the software lifecycle.

Key Platforms Supported

AWS Services monitoring

Gain the insights you need to proactively monitor the reliability of your AWS environment and streamline AWS monitoring administration with a unified, easy-to-use tool.

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AWS Application Monitoring

With DX Application Performance Management (DX APM), your organization can more effectively track service levels, detect and address issues and optimize performance of your applications—whether they’re running in physical, virtual, cloud or mobile environment.

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CA Solutions on AWS Marketplace

DX Infrastructure Manager (BYOL)

AWS (Amazon Web Services) Marketplace also now provides a pre-installed version of DX Infrastructure Manager, the most comprehensive solution for proactively monitoring cloud and hybrid IT infrastructures. This accelerates the speed at which organizations deploy DX Infrastructure Manager in AWS environments.

DX Application Performance Management (Consumptive)

Now available on demand in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, DX APM uniquely positions you to ensure that every mobile and online interaction becomes a loyalty-building transaction.

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