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CA Unified Infrastructure Management for Amazon Web Services (AWS Monitoring)

Comprehensive solution for proactively monitoring your AWS infrastructure and services.

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Boost Experience and Utilization of Your AWS Infrastructure

CA Unified Infrastructure Management (CA UIM) for AWS monitoring enables your IT teams to proactively monitor service levels, utilization and cost of your AWS implementations. By providing deep insights into the applications and processes running in AWS environments, CA UIM can help your team rapidly find performance bottlenecks and better ensure reliability. With the solution, staff can use one platform for Amazon monitoring and a wide range of other cloud-based and on-premises systems, so internal teams don’t have to learn and manage multiple monitoring tools. 

What is AWS Monitoring?

AWS monitoring involves the monitoring and analytics for Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments. AWS monitoring gives an understanding of where issues are or may arise, resulting in a faster mean time to repair and better end-user experience for services running on AWS. It also provides quality-of-service metrics, usage metering, service-centric insights and alarming to help you get the insights you need to meet SLAs, boost uptime and control costs and usage. With an AWS monitoring solution that can monitor both cloud and hybrid environments, your staff can boost the experience and utilization of your AWS infrastructure.

Key Feaures of AWS Monitoring

Predictive, Intelligent Alarms

Identify issues and respond quickly and effectively, before the user experience suffers.

Out-of-the-Box Custom Dashboards

CA UIM provides immediate insights into AWS environments, presenting key metrics in an actionable format. You also have option of creating custom dashboard for traditional IT or Amazon monitoring.

SLA and Trend Reports

Track applications and service performance against SLAs and analyze historical data to better plan for future capacity and budget.

Rapid, Elastic Monitoring Configuration

CA UIM offers out-of-the-box templates and bulk configuration AWS monitoring capabilities that enable IT staff to rapidly deploy monitoring and efficiently adapt to highly dynamic environments.

Correlational Analysis

With the solution’s correlational analysis, you can identify and track relationships between performance variables and AWS or other IT infrastructure elements and spot patterns over time.

Open, Flexible Architecture and APIs

CA UIM allows you to extend and automate AWS monitoring to trigger auto-remediation or provisioning processes.

Key Platforms Supported

Hybrid Cloud monitoring

Gain proactive and holistic insights into your hybrid cloud infrastructure and services through CA Unified Infrastructure Management.

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Cloud Application monitoring

With CA Application Performance Management (CA APM), your organization can more effectively track service levels, detect and address issues and optimize performance of your applications—whether they’re running in physical, virtual, cloud or mobile environments.

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CA Solutions on AWS Marketplace

CA Unified Infrastructure Management (BYOL)

AWS (Amazon Web Services) Marketplace also now provides a pre-installed version of CA Unified Infrastructure Management (CA UIM), the most comprehensive solution for proactively monitoring cloud and hybrid IT infrastructures. This accelerates the speed at which organizations deploy CA UIM in AWS environments.

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CA Application Performance Management (Consumptive)

Now available on demand in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, CA APM uniquely positions you to ensure that every mobile and online interaction becomes a loyalty-building transaction.

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