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Big Data Management

Unlock the value of big data.

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Unlock the value of big data

Big Data Management solutions from CA Technologies deliver visibility and simplicity for monitoring and managing big data projects across all platforms from a single, unified view. They provide a more granular level of insight to data and metric details—including jobs, nodes and clusters.

Big Data Management. Real results, right now.

Simplify management of complex big data environments.

Unify big data management across mobile, private and public cloud as well as distributed and mainframe.

Utilize a vendor-neutral management solution.

Get a solution that provides visibility and simplicity for monitoring and managing big data projects across all platforms.

Unlock the value of structured and unstructured data.

Manage infrastructure more effectively and perform analytics to optimize your growing big data environment.

CA Technologies is taking a leadership role in simplifying Big Data management

CA Technologies simplifies the monitoring and management of complex multi-vendor Hadoop environments and reduces the complexity of managing tens or hundreds of instances of vendor-specific tools. Our approach is designed to streamline big data management responsibilities for rapidly changing business needs, isolate system problems, detect negative trends and mitigate them as quickly as possible.

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CA Unified Infrastructure Management for Hadoop

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