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What is business agility?

The pace of change is accelerating. Customer expectations, competitive shifts and regulatory changes are disrupting global markets—and the way you do business.

To survive the disruptive outside forces lurking around practically every corner, you have to stay on top of your game and a step ahead of competitors. Business agility means enabling your organization to sense and respond to all types of changes –internal and external, without disrupting vision, work or your processes.

Agile involves changes in deep-seated attitudes, values and the entrenched habits of hierarchical bureaucracy that will not change merely by taking a short training course."

Steve Denning, Forbes

Business agility is your strategic response to change.

Today’s fast-moving markets present threats and opportunities at every turn. Whether a large enterprise or a small startup, it’s no longer enough to simply practice agile development.

To stay ahead of the curve in this disruptive environment, modern businesses need agility throughout the organization. Download the State of Business Agility 2017 eBook to discover what global leaders have to say about business agility in their organizations today, and how agility has become their strategic response to change.

Are you being disrupted or are you the disruptor?

Transforming your company into an agile organization isn’t a simple matter of purchasing a tool. While the right technologies are essential, success lies in understanding that to achieve true business agility, a mental and organizational shift is required or else risk becoming irrelevant in the marketplace. In order to remain competitive, organizations need to think of agile as the key to surviving and thriving in the fast-paced world of modern business. Learn how to survive today.

Build and deliver the right software with speed, quality and efficiency.

Perfect your agility ability with Agile Management from CA. You get CA Agile Central, our enterprise scale agile platform built on best-of-breed software, and industry-leading training in one, comprehensive, coordinated offering.

Evolve your business into one that innovates, adapts and transforms.

Drive business agility with CA Technologies agile experts. Our agile transformation consulting helps guide organizational changes, and our coaching helps you apply agile practices to your organization.

CA Agile Transformation Consulting

Experience collaborative mentoring to help your leaders make faster decisions in the application economy.

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CA Agile Coaching

Our coaches move you toward agility, no matter where you are in your journey and where you want to be.

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CA Agile Central

An enterprise SaaS platform that can empower teams towards business agility.

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Join business agility leaders in real-time discussions about how to deliver modern business value faster than your competition.

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