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Business Intelligence & Project Analytics

Unlock the power of data with Clarity PPM (Project & Portfolio Management).

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A Faster Path from Insights to Action

The ability to analyze change and respond quickly is essential in any competitive market. Organizations need to be able to make decisions based on a comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date view of what’s happening across all their initiatives.

As cycles accelerate and timelines shorten, projects are being recognized—by necessity—as the delivery arm for strategy. In this environment, anything less than real-time access to real-time project data is too slow. Because businesses need to know where they’re heading, not just where they’ve been.

With Clarity PPM (formerly CA Project Portfolio Management) we’ve built new, embedded business intelligence “BI” capabilities and project analytics that make powerful data and insights more accessible to everyone.

It’s no wonder 87 percent of surveyed organizations agree that trending capabilities helping to accurately predict project success or failure throughout the life of a project are important.

Source: TechValidate.
September 2017

Trends in Business Intelligence

Many of the largest, most successful organizations in the world use Clarity PPM as the cornerstone of their BI strategy. This enables us to keep a finger directly on the pulse of the market—to see firsthand how both expectations and usage are evolving as companies adopt BI technologies.

The fundamental change is that today’s users expect more than access to a sophisticated database of information. They’re looking for solutions and project analytics that help them unlock the value of their intelligence through integrations, extensive reporting capabilities, innovative visualizations, enhanced security, simplified interaction and even the early manifestations of artificial intelligence.

Unlock the value of intelligence through integrations, extensive reporting capabilities, innovative visualizations, enhanced security and simplified interaction.

Unlock the Power of Data

Integrating a modern, powerful BI solution with the Clarity PPM solution creates a springboard that can take an organization to the next level driving project execution in a different way.

Successful organizations now connect strategy and execution through effective portfolio management, utilizing business intelligence and project analytics to identify opportunities and competitive threats, and quickly pivot to address them as soon as they arise. 

To effectively provide insights, a BI solution needs the right data—the kind of data generated by PPM tools and project analytics. That’s why the integration of BI and PPM is so important. And it is why Clarity PPM is so powerful.

Clarity PPM integrating with Microsoft Power BI for business intelligence.

A Springboard to the Next Level of BI

The pace of business is accelerating. The difference between market leaders and everyone chasing them is often their ability to make decisions faster than their competition. Integrating modern BI tools with predictive performance metrics into a modern PPM suite creates a game-changing insight engine with powerful project analytics that can help your organization level-up.

In a recent survey, we learned that 74 percent estimate that it takes one to two weeks or longer for experts to respond to reporting requests. Optimized data and the right reporting tool can result in up to $200,000 a year in savings.

What are the trends that will springboard your organization to the next level so you have a faster path from data to insights to action?

Source: TechValidate.
October 2017

Reinventing PPM. Power you need. The experience you’ll love.

Enable deeper analysis with your favorite BI tools. Analyze results with compelling visuals. It’s time to excite your users and stakeholders. It’s time for Clarity PPM. Watch this video to learn how Clarity PPM can enable business transformation.

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Data Analytics for Modern Business Intelligence

The new Clarity PPM enable new connections for third-party business intelligence tools to unearth answers supporting self-service business intelligence. Clarity PPM was designed for the easy extraction of information business users need for effective decision making. And now, CA PPM’s powerful data warehouse combines with innovative BI tools like Jaspersoft, Power BI™, Tableau and Qlik®.

Businesses today are looking to combine mature, optimized data warehouse solutions with contemporary BI tools that are interactive, incorporate simplified dashboards and provide anytime, anywhere access to information.

Clarity PPM

Ensure your business strategy is right on target through planning, execution and insights.

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