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CA Agile Central

Power your organization with purpose –create better business outcomes with stronger teams, increased visibility, and total alignment.

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CA Agile Central helps your entire organization run like one powerful team.

Connecting purpose to outcomes.

Do you strive to make faster, smarter decisions? To do so, your execution and delivery must always align to your business strategies. Agile software like CA Agile Central helps organizations keep track of their business objectives and align around a centralized purpose for better business outcomes. Use it to tie strategy and daily work, track and manage delivery, and leverage data to accurately measure performance.

Align teams and empower them to innovate.

Work the way you want, understand your impact, and stay ruthlessly focused on value. Agile Central lets you choose your favorite tools and workspaces. You can use lists, Kanban or planning timeline views to visualize work your way. You’ll always see how your work contributes to the bigger objectives while keeping priorities in check. The result? You build the right products, in the right way at exactly the right time.

Plan the right work, measure the right results.

Do you struggle to manage dependencies and risks across multiple teams or release trains? Create realistic plans that take change in stride? CA Agile Central provides comprehensive roll-ups of progress, dependencies, alignment and plan health—so teams and groups can maintain schedules, and make intentional decisions. With easy-to-understand planning analytics and AI-powered planning, teams, program leaders and release train engineers alike can understand change in real-time.

Create an outcomes-oriented culture.

Plan, execute and measure all your work against the objectives that matter. Enable continuous improvement with visual goal setting, and outcome tracking. Gain deeper insights with real-time performance metrics to measure productivity, predictability, quality and responsiveness. Quickly adjust to continuously meet changing business goals, and keep employees focused.

CA Agile Central helps everyone across the organization succeed.

  • Teams

  • Program Leads

  • Executive Leaders


Team members: scrum masters, product owners, developers and other doers

You’re embedded in the agile team—interfacing between product management and customers, writing user stories, collaborating with testers, grooming a manageable backlog and doing the work. And you do all of this while putting the customer first, and adhering to your company’s central purpose. With CA Agile Central you can see exactly what the high-level business outcomes are, how the work is contributing to them, and how it’s related to other work across the organization, all with the autonomy to get work done in a single workspace.

How does Agile Central help teams succeed?

  • Allows teams to focus on a common objective and goal
  • Promotes data visibility for better planning, and team performance
  • Enables teams to see how their work is impacting the business
  • Alerts teams to dependencies and risks, and helps increase efficiency with automated tasks and workflows
  • Reduces wasted time switching between tools through automation.

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Strategic planning from the bottom up; one agile development team’s search for its purpose.

Program Leads

Program Leaders: Project Management Office (PMO) Directors, Project Managers, Product Manager, Program Managers, Release Train Engineers

As a program leader, your job is to proactively manage dependencies and risks across teams and create plans that take change in stride. If order to keep everyone aligned, you need to have easy visibility and accessibility to team, and release data.  With CA Agile Central you can quickly check program alignment, evaluate capacity, predict release schedules and track your investments—all in one tool. 

How does Agile Central help Programs & Program Leaders succeed?

  • Manage and visualize dependencies and risks at-a-glance
  • Model “what-if” scenarios for more realistic and actionable plans
  • Work across teams, programs, and release trains from a single dashboard
  • Easily roll up and report out on the data you and your management need to see
  • Track how work is aligning to key objectives and goals

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The economic benefits of Big Room Planning.

Executive Leaders

Executives: CIO/CTO, Chief Product Officer, VP of Product, VP of Engineering

As an executive responsible for delivering the best business outcomes possible, you need to know how your teams are doing as it pertains to meeting core objectives. Use CA Agile Central to work easily across different teams and programs to ensure all efforts are aligned to the right outcomes. Model tradeoffs and “what if scenarios” based on realistic financial and resource data, and with a full understanding of dependencies.

How does Agile Central help Executive Leaders succeed?

  • Make informed decisions about investments with actionable data
  • Measure work against core objectives and desired business outcomes
  • Reduce risks with real-time dependency mapping and visualizations
  • Keep all teams, programs, and investments aligned to a central purpose
  • Create realistic and predictable plans that delight customers and shareholders

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Substance over speed: Time to rethink your agile approach?

What is Agile Software?

Agile software helps enable stronger teams, yield better business results, augment visibility across the organization, and ignite greater innovation.

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Connect your people, platform and processes for faster, better results.


Our customers are transforming their businesses with CA Agile Central. In a very good way.

We have had tremendous success rolling out our agile transformation initiative. We have 74 teams engaged in agile development, we have shipped 56 new product releases with zero defects in the past eight quarters, while achieving 45 percent reduction in defect backlog, and 44 percent reduction in incoming support backlog.

Desikan Madhavanur, SVP of IT Orchestration, CA Technologies

Agile organizations can increase their productivity by up to 97%.

Source: Project Management Institute: The High Cost of Low Performance, February 2014

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Awards & Accolades


Apprize360 compared CA agile software to our competitors. Here’s how we stack up.

CA Agile Central Competitors
Easy out-of-the-box configuration
Intuitive drag-and-drop user interface
End-to-end agile project planning, managing and tracking
Agile transformation consulting and coaching services
Fully Present
Partial Functionality

“Five Criteria for Choosing Enterprise Agile Development Software,” Apprize360 Intelligence Report Commissioned by CA Technologies, 2016.



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