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Agile Requirements Designer for Agile Testing

(formerly CA Agile Requirements Designer)

Drive testing at the speed of agile.

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Automate your testing. Agile Requirements Designer (formerly CA Agile Requirements Designer) offers the simplicity to implement agile testing principles throughout new or existing software development lifecycles. Automatically generate test cases right from your business requirements phase to introduce testing and quality sooner.

Step 1: Start

Request a 30-day free trial and see how agile testing principles improve the quality of your software development lifecycle.

Simply start with the trial license today. The trial license lets you use the full capabilities of Agile Requirements Designer for 30 days.

You can always re-open the License Wizard from the Help menu to switch to another license. After 30 days, you can either switch to the viewer license to use Agile Requirements Designer indefinitely in read-only mode; or you can decide to buy Agile Requirements Designer and request a named license or set up a concurrent license on a server for several users.

To extend the trial period or to purchase the full product, reach out to the Global Service Center.

Getting Started with Agile Requirements Designer

Agile Requirements Designer: Start Your Trial

Step 2: Model

Create an initial model. Import your existing tests. At its core, Agile Requirements Designer is a modelling tool. You create models that represent the behavior of your application and the requirements associated with that behavior. We call models flows. From your flows, you can see the logical paths through the application and create test cases for those paths.

Model Your Requirements – Integrate with HPE ALM

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Model Your Requirements – Integrate with Rally Software® (formerly CA Agile Central)

Model Your Requirements – Integrate with JIRA

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Model Your Requirements – Integrate with Rally Software® (formerly CA Agile Central)

Model Your Requirements – Integrate with JIRA

Step 3: Improve Your Model

Design your requirements. Use your requirements to design your model. Try not to create one model that captures everything. Instead, make separate models for specific goals such as to gain insights into requirements, processes or architecture. Find out some of the tips and tricks to getting started and you can also use the Automatic Model Building Accelerator feature to help too.

Improve Your Model – Getting Started

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Automatic Model Creation – Import and Export

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Automatic Model Creation – Import and Export

Step 4: Optimize

Generate the minimum set of test cases for maximum coverage. The tool allows you to find all the possible paths to give an overview of every test case possible or to perform exhaustive testing of a feature. If there are just too many permutations, you can easily find a smaller subset of tests to cover just the cases relevant to the current iteration. You can also find the smallest number of test cases with 100 percent functional coverage.

Optimize Your Test Cases

Step 5: Automate the Automation

Automatically generate test automation scripts. Use Agile Requirements Designer to automate your automation. Assign code snippets to steps in your model to generate the scripts to cover your test cases. Export the scripts and execute them in third-party testing tools.

Automate the Automation: Generating UFT Scripts from Your Model

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Agile Requirements Designer

Test at the speed of agile with the automation of requirements and test design.

Model-Based Testing

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