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CA App Experience Analytics on AWS

Deliver exceptional user experiences across Web, mobile and cloud apps.

Richer services.

To deliver richer services across digital channels, companies often migrate their applications on AWS. While the cloud environment offers flexibility and efficiency, distributed app architectures present more dynamic environments with accelerated data growth, making it difficult for companies to monitor user experience and application performance.

Offered as a SaaS on AWS, CA App Experience Analytics enables you to monitor and analyze user behavior along with operational performance data to help you gain deep insights for optimizing the customer journey, improving digital performance and enhancing application development based on real user insights.

With CA App Experience Analytics, you can achieve faster problem resolution times and deliver innovations quickly by boosting development productivity.

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Take a quick tour of CA Digital Experience Insights on AWS.

CA App Experience Analytics is available through CA Digital Experience Insights, our SaaS-based digital operations monitoring and analytics solution that also includes application performance management and infrastructure management capabilities.

CA App Experience Analytics offers complete visibility across AWS, on-premises and hybrid cloud environments, enabling you to:


Optimize the customer experience.


Enhance application development based on real user insights.


Quickly identify and fix app errors and crashes.


Find performance bottlenecks rapidly and help you determine if an app issue is caused by the design, code or infrastructure.


Drill down into code-level details, activity logs and user data to improve the quality and value of your next app version.

CA will provide us with the insights into buyer behaviors, crashes and application performance that will enable us to proactively solve any incidents that occur and improve the overall digital experience our customers receive."

- Francisco Guirado, IT Monitoring Manager, Produban

86% of surveyed IT organizations improved their end-user experience by 50%-70% or more with CA App Experience Analytics."

Source: TechValidate. TVID: 55F-795-1E9

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