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DX App Experience Analytics

(formerly CA App Experience Analytics)

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Deliver better user experiences with DX App Experience Analytics.

App analytics for real-time insights into real user behavior.

Use dynamic, contextual dashboards to optimize your entire digital user experience. Customize your dashboards to gain specific insight. Even view user activity via video session playbacks, with heatmaps to monitor performance, spot problems and accurately track usage.

Improve digital performance.

Employ advanced crash analytics to quickly determine which apps are experiencing problems on which platforms, devices, carriers and versions. Then view complete performance metrics to accurately establish if the issue is with your design, code or infrastructure.

Monitor app performance from mobile to the mainframe.

View end-to-end performance of mobile and wearable apps all the way to back-end systems—including mainframe and the cloud—to address incidents before they impact your user experience. Utilize app analytics to continually monitor and measure key performance metrics.

Design for the experience.

Optimize your business outcomes by understanding usage metrics, user engagement, user activity and retention. And use code-level visibility into issues, activity logs and real user data to improve the quality and value of your next app version.

DX App Experience Analytics:
Flawless Performance with Full Visibility

In the digital world, apps need to look and feel great while delivering flawless end-to-end performance. DX App Experience Analytics (formerly CA App Experience Analytics) can help your business continually improve the app experience and capture essential opportunities in the app economy.

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What is App Analytics?

App analytics tools provide real-time insight into performance and user experience across Web, wearable and mobile apps. With detailed metrics such as app usage, retention, and crashes by carrier, device and platform, you'll gain a better understanding of your users’ digital experience so you can continuously improve quality, design and performance.

App analytics tools combine capabilities that are typically delivered by multiple tools in a single-pane of glass view for a complete view of the customer experience and can include the following capabilities:

  • User experience and app usage analytics
  • Multi-app, omnichannel insights
  • Web and mobile application performance management
  • Code-level Web error and mobile crash analytics
  • Web and mobile app analytics
  • KPI measurements and comparisons by app version or timeframe
  • Role-based, customizable dashboards

Additional frequently asked questions include the following:


Supported Environments

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IBM® Worklight®




System Requirements

DX App Experience Analytics is offered as a SaaS or on-premises offering. For on-premise installation, DX App Experience Analytics requires a 64-bit computer with a minimum of 32 GB of memory, 16 vCPU and 1TB of disk space. It supports RHEL 7.2/7.3, iOS (7.x +) and Android (4.x +) operating systems and Google Chrome, Edge, Safari, IE, and Mozilla Firefox browsers.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Web and mobile app KPIs should I measure?

Common key performance indicators for web and mobile apps include number of active users, retention or returning visitors, average time per session and number of pages visited. Analytics solutions can provide these app metrics and allow you to compare KPIs by app version. You can also segment this data to understand if users in a certain location or a specific customer group (for example, platinum customers) are performing as compared to your average users. There are also performance-based KPIs that should be evaluated, including number of crashes or errors, average request latency, startup time and memory and CPU usage. It’s especially important to keep an eye on these metrics when you release a new version of your application to ensure your users are encountering an issue caused by the new release.  

Why should I use a mobile app analytics solution?

An analytics solution helps you get an understanding of the experience you’re providing for your users. Not only does it deliver insights into application performance, crashes and errors, it also provides details into how your users are navigating, the amount of time they’re spending on a screen-by-screen basis, how frequently they’re returning to your app and what they’re doing in your app. These insights can allow you to optimize your app by achieving an understanding of what your users want. In addition, you can compare key performance indicators from each app release to ensure that each new release is well-received by your customers.   

How does app analytics work?

App analytics tools gather data on web and mobile sessions via code-free app wrapping (Android-only) or an SDK (Android/iOS) and by inserting a code snippet into the header for web apps. The data from each session that your customers spend in your app is sent to the solution which provides both aggregated and individual session-level views of how your customers are engaging and what they’re experiencing as they navigate through your application. In addition, they provide alerting when an issue occurs and allow you to break down data into segments such as customer type, geolocation, carrier, browser, device, etc. These solutions also provide data visualizations so you can quickly gain an understanding of your users’ digital experience.

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