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Test Early for Performance at Enterprise Scale

Build quality user experiences in the API economy.

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Increase QA Agility for the Testing Center of Excellence

Agile teams demand to code more and wait less. Traditional IT teams need to extend their legacy tools and democratize testing for agile teams. Testing Centers of Excellence can now painlessly embrace open source-based technologies securely and protect their IT investments as they continuously bridge and broker for agile test services.

  Leverage open source-based tools with a test automation framework that compliments legacy tools behind the firewall.
  Test for code the moment it’s written. Write and execute small finite API functional tests from the IDE.
  Massively scale performance tests on-demand to 10M+ virtual users that are geographically distributed when ready.

Frictionless Agile Testing with Open Source-Based Tools


The testing platform for developers.


Validate APIs in production and mitigate early for poor application performance.

Service Virtualization

Accelerate application delivery, continuously improve quality and reduce time-to-market.


of companies say they are using an agile approach in application delivery


of companies surveyed are utilizing open source development tools today


of respondents say open source test tools enabled them for agile development and DevOps delivery

Test fast and often to avoid the heartaches of broken applications.

Large organizations need to test fast for application quality while continuing to work with legacy systems, custom applications and backend databases. They need to employ a test harness that leverages open source scripts and create and scale tests with a click of a button. In helping agile teams shift left tests that start with API and backend system requests, they can test prior to the development of UIs and reuse these same tests to scan APIs and validate code in production. Take the first steps to evolve the Testing Center of Excellence.

Accelerate development fixes based on real-time API test results.

Beware the hidden costs of API errors that can easily go unnoticed, resulting in bad redirects, unexpected error codes and invalid content types that quickly derail agile delivery efforts. Broken APIs cause thousands of hours in wasted application development efforts, leading to low productivity, missed deadlines and lost opportunity.

For the Testing Center of Excellence, it’s important to have comprehensive API testing and monitoring on a continuous schedule that quickly and accurately pinpoints issues from either internal or third-party APIs. Identify, prevent and solve for broken APIs fast.

Create a rigorous regimen that tests to real-world conditions.

Do you have all the components you need to test and validate during development? When delivering apps continuously, you can’t wait for weeks for testing to complete. Developing apps better, faster and cheaper demands that your agile teams have all the systems they need available virtually in order to bring ideas to life. Extend the Testing Center of Excellence and eliminate costly testing delays.

Shift left and test early in development.

Continuously develop with quality today and scale shift-left testing practices for your agile development teams. Open up new paths to increased efficiency, productivity and speed with open source-based technologies. At the same time, continue to extend your existing Testing Center of Excellence investments with a test automation framework to build better applications faster—because the faster you get to market, the further ahead you’ll be.

Extending shift-left testing for LoadRunner and StormRunner Load is easy.

Simply drag and drop to convert legacy VuGen/TruClient scripts to start.

Increase developer efficiency. Improve application performance.

Today, users get frustrated quickly when their mobile or Web apps take longer than just a few seconds to load, resulting in poor customer experience and lost revenue. Organizations are making high availability and sustained performance more important than ever in their Testing Centers of Excellence, starting with extending tools to their developer teams that democratize testing faster for quality application release. Read how customers are doing this today for clear financial returns that compliment and add value to legacy test platforms.

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