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CA Application Test

Automate QA and testing with a scriptless mobile device, composite app and API testing tool.

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Shift left by API testing and validating responses earlier in the test cycle.

CA Application Test is a test harness that is fully integrated with CA Service Virtualization. It enables QA teams to shift testing left by starting API and backend system requests and response testing prior to the development of UIs. The tool can be used for generating functional, regression, user journey and performance tests for APIs and applications. These tests can be authored from specifications or from using an innovative Chrome plug-in that auto-captures a user’s journey through an application. CA Application Test also features a modern extensible architecture that enables teams to test modern Restful, SOA, ESBs and more traditional protocols like JMS, MQ, JavaTM and databases.

This API testing solution is an open platform that uses a declarative workflow model to make it easier to build tests versus scripting—which can result in large, unmanageable sets of a code that could potentially lead to more defects. The test execution engine within CA Application Test is workflow driven and can use the same test without modification in order to run functional, regression and performance testing—dramatically simplifying and reducing the time needed to run comprehensive tests.

Large organizations that need to test applications while working with legacy systems, custom applications, ESBs and backend databases will especially find CA Application Test a great fit. CA Application Test can run tests from mobile to backend systems, ensuring that applications are working across all layers. And when leveraged with CA Service Virtualization, it can stabilize the testing environment to avoid false failures.

CA Application Test. Real results, right now.

Run more tests with test automation.

Test execution engine is workflow-driven and reduces the time needed to run comprehensive tests.

Extend testing to mobile devices.

Run tests across many real devices in parallel. Improve quality using real-world conditions.

Simplify API testing.

API testing can be built by hand or automatically generated via observations.


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