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Automic® Service Orchestration

(formerly CA Automic Service Orchestration)

Deliver the services your users, applications and infrastructure need—when they need it.

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Automic Service Orchestration enables digital transformation through intelligent business automation.

Scalable, flexible and easy-to-use automation is essential to survive in today's fast-changing business world. Customers—external and internal—demand services that are efficient and reliable. Automic Service Orchestration (formerly CA Automic Service Orchestration) is the ultimate business automation tool.

IT underpins modern business. But IT changes as quickly as business changes. You need a tool that can change and grow in response to your changing business and in response to changes in technology. Your organization needs to be built to change.

Automic Service Orchestration gives you the flexibility and scalability you need, while leveraging your existing IT investments and skills. It easily integrates with existing ITSM tools, but it extends the power of those tools by enabling action to be taken, automatically. Service requests aren't just logged—they are acted upon.

Manual requests from external and internal users are not the only requests handled by Automic Service Orchestration. Applications can request automated execution of services through industry-standard API calls. External data can be monitored and analyzed to determine whether an automated action needs to be taken. Automic Service Orchestration provides intelligent event processing capability to trigger service requests. Perhaps these automated requests need human approval? No problem—CA Technologies can handle that also. Real, intelligent automation for your business-provided by Automic Service Orchestration.

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Automic Service Orchestration Benefits

Get flexible invocation

Services can be invoked manually or automatically by applications or other tools.

Achieve massive scalability

Hundreds of thousands of endpoints that can handle millions of tasks daily.

Improve extensibility

Rapid automation enables partners and customers to easily build additional integrations.

Receive event-driven Intelligence

External data can be used to make intelligent decisions during the execution of service requests.

Experience full auditing

Centralized logging provides a full audit trail of all actions that are carried out while servicing a request.

Integrate with third-party ITSM tools

Get built-in capability to integrate with third-party ITSM tools such as ServiceNow.

How Automic Service Orchestration Can Help

Provide self-service deployments

Automated self-service deployments giving users access to IT processes.

Decouple service definitions

Decouple service definitions from underlying architecture to easily define and modify many service variants in each offer.

Go to zero downtime

Zero downtime upgrading procedure to run your orchestration 24/7 without service windows.

Gain self-service of everything

From backup to provisioning of infrastructures, from disaster recovery to employee on-boarding, from business intelligence to problem remediation - one tool covers it all.

Improve speed

Application-ready infrastructures delivered faster.

Be built to change

The uber-orchestrator concept lets you replace individual components of a service workflow without having to modify other components.

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