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CA Brightside

Modern Mainframe tools for the new generation of software developers
Powered by Zowe


CA Brightside Enterprise is Broadcom's commercially-supported version of Zowe

It includes the following enterprise-class additions:

Secure plugins to leading mainframe development and management services

Simplified and streamlined installation

Quality and security tested

24x7 enterprise-class support


How does Brightside benefit me?

DevOps Leaders

Bringing enterprise DevOps to the mainframe increases organizational productivity and simplifies measurement through standardization.

Enterprise Architects

Brightside allows an API-first strategy to extend to the mainframe, making it a more seamless technology platform.

Mainframe Teams

The mainframe becomes an exciting career option by building DevOps skills with modern tools while running big iron apps.

IT Executives

Brightside opens mainframe development to the large universe of devops professionals, helping to address the critical shortage of mainframe skills.


Meeting the needs of the new generation of developers

The ability to choose the best tools for the job at hand motivates developers and improves software delivery performance. With Brightside, mainframe developers choose from a wide range of modern tools, including popular open source tools, to automate tasks and streamline development.

Modernize Mainframe Application Development with CA Brightside [1:31]

Brightside Interoperability

Range of tools


Automate repetitive tasks, test using best-fit frameworks, access API-exposed services and drive cross-platform continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD).

  • Brightside CLI

  • CLI Plugins

  • API Mediation Layer

Brightside CLI

Command-line interface (CLI)

Brightside features a Node.js-based, desktop CLI that development teams use to interact with z/OS services available through REST APIs. Using the CLI, dev teams control platform services and automate tasks through scripting.

It connects to mainframe services, like CICS and Endevor, securely using System Authorization Facility (SAF) for authentication and authorization through z/OSMF APIs. The Brightside CLI is comparable to those offered by leading cloud platforms like AWS and Azure and used by millions of developers daily.

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CLI Plugins

Plugins for CA DevOps and IT Ops products

Brightside includes a rapidly growing list of plugins for the CLI. The CLI is easily extensible allowing plugins for various services on z/OS to be created by you or any software vendor. Plugins allow you to remotely interact and automate services on the mainframe similar to services on a cloud platform.

Brightside CLI plugins:

  1. CA Endevor Software Change Manager plugin
  2. CA File Master Plus plugin
  3. CA OPS/MVS Event Management and Automation plugin
  4. z/OS Extended Files plugin
  5. z/OS Extended Jobs plugin
  6. Credential Store Manager plugin

Zowe™ CLI plugins compatible with Brightside CLI:

  1. IBM CICS plugin
  2. IBM Db2 plugin

API Mediation Layer

API gateway, discovery and catalog

Brightside provides an API mediation layer that acts as a single point of access for all service-oriented REST APIs originating from the mainframe. It features a gateway, discovery service and catalog that make use of APIs simple, even at scale.

Application development teams immersed in the API economy can now integrate mainframe API endpoints with freedom and ease into their modern Web applications.

Mainframe system administrators can use Brightside to manage mainframe APIs separately from enterprise APIs with a greater level of control.

Dynamically discoverable API Services:

  1. Zowe™ REST API
  2. CA File Master™ Plus REST API
  3. CA Endevor® SCM REST API
  4. CA Workload Automation ESP Edition REST API
  5. CA SYSVIEW Performance Management Option for DB2 REST API
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CA Brightside Community Edition

In addition to Zowe™ CLI it also provides:

  • Simplified packaging and installation
  • Includes plugins for CA products that are thoroughly tested for compatibility with the provided version of Zowe™ CLI
  • Community support


CA Brightside Essentials

The same functionality as CA Brightside Community Edition. In addition to Community Edition it provides:

  • 24x5 email support
  • Stable release builds
  • Predictable release schedule
  • Subscription packages for groups of 20 or 50 users


CA Brightside Enterprise

In addition to CA Brightside Essentials it also provides:

  • 24x7 phone support
  • Stable version and support for Zowe™ API Mediation Layer
  • Support for ongoing Enterprise-grade enhancements
  • MIPS/MSU based pricing

What is Zowe™?

Zowe is an open source initiative within the Linux Foundation’s Open Mainframe Project (OMP). Founded by CA Technologies, a Broadcom Company, IBM and Rocket Software, Zowe is the first open source project based on z/OS.

CA proudly contributed major components of Brightside such as the Zowe CLI, Zowe API Mediation Layer and the Zowe Visual Studio Code extension to the open source community.

Hundreds of developers are dedicated to extending Zowe and building a community around open source on the mainframe.

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