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CA Brightside

Automate mainframe tasks using client-side scripts and frameworks.
Powered by Zowe


What is Brightside?

Brightside automates development, test and maintenance of mainframe applications and systems by providing you with commands that execute tasks on the z/OS side. Brightside's commands are client-side and execute natively on your dev workstation or CI automation box, similar to other popular CLIs like aws-cli. This allows you to integrate Brightside commands with your scripting language, or test or build automation framework of choice including Shell/Bash, Python, JavaScript, Mocha.JS, Gulp, etc.


Brightside Interoperability

Modern DevOps tooling

Use your favorite open system or host-independent tool to automate development and testing of z/OS applications.

Brightside Test Automation Script

Modern test automation

Write test automation scripts for functional, integration, system and performance testing of COBOL and PL/I applications running on z/OS.

Brightside CI/CD Pipeline Integration

Modern CI/CD

Integrate your mainframe automation scripts into cross-platform CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins and/or TeamCity DevOps pipeline management software.

Brightside API Catalog

Modern APIs

Discover Mainframe APIs that expose additional automation tasks and data using the API Mediation Layer and API Catalog.



CA Brightside Community Edition

In addition to Zowe™ CLI it also provides:

  • Simplified packaging and installation
  • Includes plugins for CA products that are thoroughly tested for compatibility with the provided version of Zowe™ CLI
  • Community support


CA Brightside Essentials

The same functionality as CA Brightside Community Edition. In addition to Community Edition it provides:

  • 24x5 email support
  • Stable release builds
  • Predictable release schedule
  • Subscription packages for groups of 20 or 50 users


CA Brightside Enterprise

In addition to CA Brightside Essentials it also provides:

  • 24x7 phone support
  • Stable version and support for Zowe™ API Mediation Layer
  • Support for ongoing Enterprise-grade enhancements
  • MIPS/MSU based pricing

What is Zowe™?

Zowe is an open source initiative within the Linux Foundation’s Open Mainframe Project (OMP). Founded by CA Technologies, a Broadcom Company, IBM and Rocket Software, Zowe is the first open source project based on z/OS.

CA proudly contributed major components of Brightside such as the Zowe CLI, Zowe API Mediation Layer and the Zowe Visual Studio Code extension to the open source community.

Hundreds of developers are dedicated to extending Zowe and building a community around open source on the mainframe.

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