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CA Business Service Insight

Take service level management to the next level.

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Provides performance management of your service level agreements (SLAs) and IT services.

This SLA management solution can help your organization better articulate the value of your IT in business terms and understand service performance from the top down.

CA BSI focuses on contractual service level management to help your organization move beyond simple monitoring of transactional performance, infrastructure elements and individual incidents ̶ helping you better understand the impact of operational performance on your contractual obligations.

Using this SLA management solution helps your company communicate the value of the services they deliver, enhance performance of contractual service level agreements and identify service options that will help advance your business further. CA Technologies designed CA BSI to:

  • Improve performance by creating accountability to contractual obligations.
  • Align service performance with your vendors and customers.

CA Business Service Insight. Real results, right now.

Service Performance Management

Understand the performance of your service operations.

Contractual Service Level Management

Improve performance against service levels, increase customer satisfaction and reduce operating costs.

SLA Management

Align vendor performance with corporate objectives.

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