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CA Cleanup

Easily automate continuous and unattended security file cleanup.

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CA Cleanup is designed to help you comply with many regulations and laws requiring due diligence for information security, protection and privacy.

Mainframe security databases accumulate obsolete user IDs and entitlement definitions which may be valid but not appropriate for an individual’s role. This creates uncertainty, risk and greater potential for security exposure. It also creates an unnecessary burden for administrators and the system. More so, increasing regulatory, statutory, audit and staffing pressures are bringing new concerns and mandates to address the problem of excessive security entitlements. This is why CA Cleanup is needed.

CA Cleanup. Real results, right now.

Continuous 24x7 monitoring of mainframe identities and entitlements 

Executes continuously, monitoring your security system activity to record the actual security definitions that the system is or is not using.

Enhanced security recertification for z/OS

Monitors security activity and can identify used and unused access for any user or application.

System and administrative overhead reduction on the mainframe

Removes unused access rights and IDs from the security system, improving performance and productivity.

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