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CA Compliance Event Manager

Alert, inspect and protect to simplify regulatory compliance and streamline audits.

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Failure of adherence to regulations results in out-of-control costs and a serious impact to the bottom line.

CA Compliance Event Manager helps you increase your data privacy and simplify regulatory compliance.

By alerting to suspect activity in real-time, inspecting the source of incident with advanced reporting and forensics and providing comprehensive reporting on the results, you gain deeper insight into data security and an improved risk posture.

CA Compliance Event Manager: Real results, right now.


Real-time notifications of violations to critical security systems and resources, so stakeholders can act quickly.


Advanced audit and compliance information for deeper insights into critical security issues.


Simplify regulatory compliance, mitigate negative security events and stay in control of mission–critical data.

The Key To Regulatory Compliance?

Streamline Audits and Regulatory Compliance

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