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CA Compliance Event Manager

Simplify regulatory compliance and streamline audits through advanced compliance management and threat detection.

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Non-compliance can result in out-of-control costs and a serious impact to the bottom line.

CA Compliance Event Manager helps you establish continuous data security and compliance.

Gain deeper insight into your enterprise’s risk posture, protect your business, and comply with the regulations using advanced compliance management tooling.

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File Integrity Monitoring and Intrusion Detection

Monitor users, security settings, and system files and alert to changes and suspicious activity for complete oversight of your security systems and data.

Get real-time notifications to proactively address potential threats.

Comprehensive and Cost-Effective Security

Filter critical security events and forward to SIEM platforms for a holistic view of your security infrastructure.

Reduce costs by minimizing the number of security alerts undergoing real-time analysis.

Auditing and Forensics

Inspect the source of incident with detailed audit and compliance information for deeper insights into your risk posture.

Archive records of all activity to analyze security incidents—both in real-time and on-demand.

Simplified Compliance Management

Compliance management can be a time-consuming and manual effort.

Simplify regulatory compliance, mitigate negative security events, and stay in control of your mission–critical data.

CA Compliance Event Manager: Real results, right now.

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