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CA Continuous Application Insight

Testing tools to release higher-quality apps faster through deep transaction visibility into apps.

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Optimize customer experience and time to market, improve application quality with transaction discovery, insight and automation.

CA Continuous Application Insight enables technology teams to drive the innovation your business wants through improved quality, increased delivery speed and optimized customer experience. This solution uniquely provides the intelligence and transaction-level visibility to break down the complexity of modern applications, pinpointing and suggesting remediation of discovered problems in intuitive ways. CA Continuous Application Insight automatically generates application architecture diagrams and provides a single point of truth for all cross-functional teams to collaborate and interact upon.

Enabling fast feedback loops with real-time insights into defects, CA Continuous Application Insight improves development and testing collaboration in agile teams, thereby drastically improving overall quality and customer satisfaction. In addition, using its data analysis capabilities, CA Continuous Application Insight automatically generates various types of actionable assets, including reusable test cases and virtual services.

CA Continuous Application Insight. Real results, right now.

End to End Transaction Discovery

Break down architectural and structural complexity of applications using real analytics.

Actionable Insights

Diagnose the right issues, so you are not solving the wrong problems.

Automating your Automation

Automate virtual service and test case creation to eliminate the manual work.

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